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Primary view of 501(c)(4)s and the Gift Tax: Legal Analysis
Luckey, John R. & Lunder, Erika K.
August 10, 2012
Primary view of The 1970 amendments to the elementary and secondary education act.
Enright, Sharon
August 10, 1972
Primary view of 2001 Gordon Research Conference on Archaea: [Ecology], Metabolism. Final progress report [agenda and attendee list]
Daniels, Charles
August 10, 2001
Primary view of Accelerated Vehicle Retirement for Fuel Economy: "Cash for Clunkers"
Yacobucci, Brent D. & Canis, Bill
August 10, 2009
Primary view of Across-the-Board Spending Cuts in Omnibus Appropriations Acts
Keith, Robert
August 10, 2004
Primary view of Actinide removal from aqueous solution with activated magnetite
Kochen, R.L. & Thomas, R.L. (ed.)
August 10, 1987
Primary view of Additional Results on the Static Longitudinal and Lateral Stability Characteristics of a 0.05-Scale Model of the Convair F2Y-1 Airplane at High Subsonic Speeds
Spreeman, Kenneth P. & Few, Albert G., Jr.
August 10, 1954
Primary view of Advance Earned Income Tax Credit: Low Use and Small Dollars Paid Impede IRS's Efforts to Reduce High Noncompliance
United States. Government Accountability Office.
August 10, 2007
Primary view of The Advanced Technology Program
Schacht, Wendy H.
August 10, 1999
Primary view of Advantages of Glass Microballoons as Filler Material,1960, August 10
Walterbach, F. R.
August 10, 1960
Primary view of Alloy Thin-films and Surfaces for New Materials. Final Report
Sprunger, P. T.
August 10, 2003
Primary view of Analysis of Ignition Testing on K-West Basin Fuel
Abrefah, J.; Huang, F.H.; Gerry, W.M.; Gray, W.J.; Marschman, S.C. & Thornton, T.A.
August 10, 1999
Primary view of Analysis of Ignition Testing on K-West Basin Fuel
Abrefah, John; Huang, Fan-Hsiung F.; Gerry, William M.; Gray, Walter J.; Marschman, Steven C. & Thornton, Thomas A.
August 10, 1999
Primary view of Analysis of International Policies In The Solar Electricity Sector: Lessons for India
Deshmukh, Ranjit; Bharvirkar, Ranjit; Gambhir, Ashwin & Phadke, Amol
August 10, 2011
Primary view of Analysis of parameters for thrust control of a turbojet engine equipped with air-inlet throttle and variable-area exhaust nozzle
Boksenbom, Aaron S. & Feder, Melvin S.
August 10, 1948
Primary view of Analysis of the dynamic lateral stability characteristics of the Bell X-2 airplane as affected by variations in mass, aerodynamic, and dimensional parameters
Michael, W. H., Jr. & Queijo, M. J.
August 10, 1949
Primary view of An analytical calculation of the axial density profile for 1-d slab expansion
Ho, D
August 10, 1999
Primary view of The Animal Welfare Act: Background and Selected Legislation
Becker, Geoffrey S.
August 10, 2006
Primary view of An anion exchange-precipitation procedure for the determination of Na{sup 24} in reactor effluent water
Perkins, R. W.
August 10, 1955
Primary view of The Appearance of a Boric Oxide Exhaust Cloud From a Turbojet Engine Operating on Trimethylborate Fuel
Lord, Albert M. & Kaufman, Warner B.
August 10, 1956
Primary view of The appearance of a boric oxide exhaust cloud from a turbojet engine operating on trimethylborate fuel
Lord, Albert M. & Kaufman, Warner B.
August 10, 1956
Primary view of (Appendix to COO--3162-48) comprehensive three year report, September 1, 1975-November 30, 1978 including annual progress report, December 1, 1977-November 30, 1978
Clayton, R.K.
August 10, 1978
Primary view of Application of Reservoir Characterization and Advanced Technology to Improve Recovery and Economics in a Lower Quality Shallow Shelf San Andres Reservoir. Quarterly Progress Report: April 1--June 30, 2001
Hickman, T. Scott & Justice, James J.
August 10, 2001
Primary view of Application of Vacuum Salt Distillation Technology for the Removal of Fluoride
Pierce, R. A.; Pak, D. J. & Caldwell, T. D.
August 10, 2011
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