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Primary view of Effect of Rate of Temperature Change on the Transformations in an Alloy Steel
Scott, Howard
July 10, 1919
Primary view of Strain Lines Developed by Compressive Tests on Structural Members of the Delaware River Bridge at the United States Bureau of Standards for the Delaware River Bridge Joint Commission
United States. Bureau of Standards.
March 10, 1926
Primary view of Effect of variation of chord and span of ailerons on rolling and yawing moments in level flight
Heald, R. H. & Strother, D. H.
July 10, 1928
Primary view of Full-scale wind-tunnel tests of a propeller with the diameter changed by cutting off the blade tips
Wood, Donald H.
December 10, 1929
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Research Comparing Lateral Control Devices, Particularly at High Angles of Attack 1: Ordinary Ailerons on Rectangular Wings
Weick, Fred E. & Wenzinger, Carl J.
December 10, 1931
Primary view of Increasing the air charge and scavenging the clearance volume of a compression-ignition engine
Spanogle, J. A.; Hicks, C. W. & Foster, H. H.
June 10, 1933
Primary view of Strength Tests of Thin-Walled Duralumin Cylinders in Compression
Lundquist, Eugene E.
June 10, 1933
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Tests on Combinations of a Wing With Fixed Auxiliary Airfoils Having Various Chords and Profiles
Weick, Fred E. & Sanders, Robert
June 10, 1933
Primary view of A Flight Investigation of the Effect of Mass Distribution and Control Setting on the Spinning of the XN2Y-1 Airplane
Scudder, N. F.
January 10, 1934
Primary view of Analysis of 2-Spar Cantilever Wings With Special Reference to Torsion and Load Transference
Kuhn, Paul
April 10, 1934
Primary view of Vibration response of airplane structures
Theodorsen, Theodore & Gelalles, A. G.
May 10, 1934
Primary view of General equations for the stress analysis of rings
Lundquist, Eugene E. & Burke, Walter F.
August 10, 1934
Primary view of Experimental investigation of the Robinson-type cup anemometer
Brevoort, M. J. & Joyner, U. T.
October 10, 1934
Primary view of The Effect of Water Vapor on Flame Velocity in Equivalent Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen Mixtures
Fiock, Ernest F. & King, H. Kendall
January 10, 1935
Primary view of The Soap-Bubble Method of Studying the Combustion of Mixtures of Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen
Fiock, Ernest F. & Roeder, Carl H.
January 10, 1935
Primary view of Investigation of Full-Scale Split Trailing-Edge Wing Flaps With Various Chords and Hinge Locations
Wallace, Rudolf
May 10, 1935
Primary view of A study of the torque equilibrium of an autogiro rotor
Bailey, F. J., Jr.
January 10, 1938
Primary view of The influence of directed air flow on combustion in spark-ignition engine
Rothrock, A. M. & Spencer, R. C.
October 10, 1938
Primary view of Preliminary wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23012 airfoil with various arrangements of venetian-blind flaps
Wenzinger, Carl J. & Harris, Thomas A.
January 10, 1939
Primary view of Wind-tunnel investigation of NACA 23012, 23021, and 23030 airfoils with various sizes of split flap
Wenzinger, Carl J. & Harris, Thomas A.
March 10, 1939
Primary view of Normal-pressure tests of circular plates with clamped edges
McPherson, Albert E.; Ramberg, Walter & Levy, Samuel
October 10, 1941
Primary view of Report on Determination of Densities of Several Uranium Compounds
Priest, Homer F. & Priest, G. L.
August 10, 1942
Primary view of Effective Temperature of Neutrons in a Lattice
Woods, L.
February 10, 1943
Primary view of Temperature Coefficient of the Reproduction Factor for Different Lattice Arrangements
Morrison, P.
February 10, 1943
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