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Computation of self-consistent 2-D MHD with neutral-beam and bootstrap currents in elongated plasmas

Description: The observation of substantial current drive from neutral beam injection (NBI) in TFTR, JET and DIII-D has led to renewed interest in a steady state, non-inductively driven tokamak. The discovery of apparently considerable neoclassical (bootstrap) current in TFTR, makes a steady state device even more attractive since the bootstrap portion of the current could be obtained without additional power input. Motivated by these results, we have developed a code, ACCOME, which self-consistently comput… more
Date: April 5, 1983
Creator: Devoto, R. S.; Tani, K. & Azumi, M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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Application of microfabrication technology to thermionic energy conversion. Progress report 4, 1 May 1980 to 31 July 1980

Description: Two applications of microfabrication technology to thermionic converters have been investigated theoretically. The first is a novel method of maintaining micron or submicron spacings over large areas (>1 cm/sup 2/), using metals of different expansion coefficients to eliminate the shear stresses on the insulating pillars separating the electrodes. The second uses low-voltage field-emission sources to create ions in a large (approx. 1 mm) interelectrode gap for space charge neutralization. The t… more
Date: September 5, 1980
Creator: Brodie, I.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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A Search for New Leptons with Heavy Neutrinos in e/sup +/e/sup -/ Annihilation at. sqrt. s = 29 GeV. [None]

Description: This thesis describes the results of a search for new leptons with associated heavy neutrinos. The search uses 68.1 pb/sup /minus/1/ of data taken with the TPC2..gamma.. detector at the PEP storage ring. New lepton pairs with charged lepton masses m/sub L/ < 12 GeV and mass differences in the approximate range 0.4 GeV < m/sub L/ /minus/ m/sub/nu/L/ < 2.5 GeV are excluded at the 99% confidence level. Results are also given of a study of search techniques for the region m/sub L/ < 12 GeV, m/sub L… more
Date: May 5, 1988
Creator: Mathis, L. G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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Physical characterization of magmatic liquids. [Ultrasonic and Brillouin Scattering Studies of Natural and Synthetic Silicates and Oxides]

Description: This report describes a research project that was conducted from August 15, 1985 to February 28, 1992. The project was based on the ultrasonic studies of natural and synthetic silicate melts, and the study of Brillouin scattering of synthetic silicates and oxides. Measurements of the compressional wave velocity and attenuation can be established using the ultrasonic methods. Temperature dependences of silicates can be established by the Brillouin scattering. (MB)
Date: June 5, 1992
Creator: Manghnani, M.H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Students in Homecoming Parade]

Description: Photograph of UNT students in the back of trucks during the Homecoming Parade. The truck in front is decorated with a soccer ball, basketball and softball and is pulling a trailer with students wearing hard hats. The truck behind them has a UNT flag on its hood. Students are also walking beside the vehicles.
Date: November 5, 2016
Creator: Clark, Junebug
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections
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