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Primary view of Comparative nuclear effects of biomedical interest. Civil effects study
White, C.S.; Bowen, I.G.; Richmond, D.R. & Corsbie, R.L.
January 12, 1961
Primary view of Multipurpose scintillation camera
Anger, H.O.
July 1, 1963
Primary view of Hanford Isotopes Production Plant
Smith, C.W.
April 6, 1964
Primary view of Optimization of cobalt-60 production in the Hanford Testing facilities
Montgomery, M. H.
February 2, 1966
Primary view of Special disarmament study
Nilson, R.
April 26, 1967
Primary view of Low energy gamma-transitions in Pu{sup 238} and Pu{sup 240}
Akalaev, G. G.; Vartanov, N. A. & Samoilov, P. S.
March 27, 1967
Primary view of Radon Progeny Inhalation Study as Applicable to Uranium Mining. Fourth Annual Progress Report Covering the Calendar Year 1968
Schiager, K.J. & Dahl, A.H.
February 28, 1969
Primary view of Columbia River temperatures
Baranowski, F.P.
January 1, 1962
Primary view of Mound Laboratory isotopic power fuels programs: April--June 1967
unknown creator
August 11, 1967
Primary view of Dependence of the yield of the ({alpha},n) reaction on alpha particle energy
Tsenter, E. M. & Silin, A. B.
March 27, 1967
Primary view of Dosimetry investigation of the recuplex accident
Roesch, W. C.; Gamertsfelder, C. C.; Larson, H. V.; Watson, E. C. & Nielsen, J. M.
August 22, 1962
Primary view of Neutron Beam Facility technical report
Guthrie, G.D.
November 29, 1965
Primary view of Stimulation of the corneal blinking reflex by ionizing radiation
Tobias, C.; Luce, J.; Yanni, N.; Brustad, T.; Lyman, J. & Kimura, S.
May 4, 1961
Primary view of Effect of negative pions on the proliferative capacity of ascites tumor cells (lymphoma) grown in vivo
Feola, J.M.; Richman, C.; Raju, M.R.; Curtis, S.B. & Lawrence, J.H.
March 30, 1967
Primary view of Semiannual research and development report, Douglas United Nuclear, Inc.
Ambrose, T. W.
November 30, 1965
Primary view of Douglas United Nuclear, Inc., sponsored research and development programs, FY-1967
Reid, R. W. & Stringer, J. T.
July 12, 1966
Primary view of Bibliography of Connecticut Advanced Nuclear Engineering Laboratory reports
unknown creator
December 1, 1965
Primary view of Status of irradiations performed by testing for BNW as of July 16, 1967
Barker, L. V.
August 2, 1967
Primary view of Status of irradiations performed by Testing and Irradiation Services for BNW as of July 31, 1969
Barker, L. V.
August 7, 1969
Primary view of Richland five-year O2 R and D Program: Nuclear safety
unknown creator
June 30, 1968
Primary view of Status of special reactor process tube loadings, September 1, 1967
Walton, R. P.
September 11, 1967
Primary view of Graphite bar irradiation history, C-Reactor
Olson, W.B.
November 14, 1968
Primary view of Status of Special Reactor Process Tube Loadings
Walton, R. P.
July 12, 1966
Primary view of Special yield data analyses for core analysis material key No. 6706-C-N
Braymen, W.H. & Smith, H.E.
June 16, 1965
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