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Primary view of Natural History of the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia. Natural History of the Cook Inlet Region, Alaska
Osgood, Wilfred H.
September 26, 1901
Primary view of A Biological Investigation of the Athabaska-Mackenzie Region
Preble, Edward A.
October 26, 1908
Primary view of Investigation of Air Flow in Open-Throat Wind Tunnels
Jacobs, Eastman N.
September 26, 1928
Primary view of Experimental and analytical determination of the motion of hydraulically operated valve stems in oil engine injection systems
Gelalles, A. G. & Rothrock, A. M.
December 26, 1928
Primary view of The NACA Apparatus for Studying the Formation and Combustion of Fuel Sprays and the Results From Preliminary Tests
Rothrock, A. M.
August 26, 1931
Primary view of The Aerodynamic Characteristics of Airfoils at Negative Angles of Attack
Anderson, Raymond F.
February 26, 1932
Primary view of The International Metric System of Weights and Measures
unknown creator
May 26, 1932
Primary view of The drag of two streamline bodies as affected by protuberances and appendages
Abbott, Ira H.
September 26, 1932
Primary view of Tests of Nacelle-Propeller Combinations in Various Positions with Reference to Wings 5: Clark Y Biplane Cellule - NACA Cowled Nacelle - Tractor Propeller
Valentine, E. Floyd
January 26, 1934
Primary view of Heat transfer from finned metal cylinders in an air stream
Biermann, Arnold E. & Pinkel, Benjamin
April 26, 1934
Primary view of The effect of baffles on the temperature distribution and heat-transfer coefficients of finned cylinders
Schey, Oscar W. & Rollin, Vern G.
September 26, 1934
Primary view of Effects of air-fuel spray and flame formation in a compression-ignition engine
Rothrock, A. M. & Waldron, C. D.
August 26, 1935
Primary view of Comparative Flight and Full-Scale Wind-Tunnel Measurements of the Maximum Lift of an Airplane
Silverstein, Abe; Katzoff, S. & Hootman, James A.
October 26, 1937
Primary view of The Transition Phase in the Take-Off of an Airplane
Wetmore, J. W.
October 26, 1937
Primary view of Determination of boundary-layer transition on three symmetrical airfoils in the NACA full-scale wind tunnel
Silverstein, Abe & Becker, John V.
May 26, 1938
Primary view of Specifications for the Freezing Point Method for Determination of the Amount of HF in UF₆
Priest, Homer F.
February 26, 1944
Primary view of Factors Affecting the Precipitation of Tubanyl Peroxide from Gunk Solutions at Reduced Temperatures
Brown, K. B.; Davis, W. C.; Wagner, E. L. & Miller, A. J.
March 26, 1945
Primary view of A Solubility Method of the Determination of Non-Volatile Material in Tetrachloride Charges
Sterett, Charles & Van Wazer, John R.
April 26, 1945
Primary view of Development of Equipment for the Purification of Mercury by Distillation
Lee, J. E. & Susano, C. D.
May 26, 1945
Primary view of Progress Report on Corrosion Tests in TCl₄
Mash, Donald R.
May 26, 1945
Primary view of Nitrous Oxide Supercharging of an Aircraft-Engine Cylinder
Tauschek, Max J.; Corrington, Lester C. & Huppert, Merle C.
June 26, 1945
Primary view of Equations Used for Calculation of Data by the Feedback Method
Happ, G. P. & Cameron, A. E.
October 26, 1945
Primary view of Report on SOM Investigations in Arizona (Except the Plateau Province Area)
Hill, J. M.
March 26, 1946
Primary view of Measurement of Weak Neutron Intensities by Szilard-Chalmers Reaction in Calcium Permanganate Solution
Dodson, R. W.; Goldwell, Maxwell & Sullivan, John H.
September 26, 1946
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