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Primary view of Demand Controlled Ventilation using CO₂ Sensors in a Wireless Sensor Network
Parsons, David; Jordan, Georgette; Li, Xinrong; Thompson, Ruthanne & Abraham, Sherin
Primary view of Cooperation of Autonomous NXT Robots Using Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Bell, Jesse; Freeman, Elizabeth; Namuduri, Kamesh & Costilla, Omar
Primary view of GPS/GSM Based Tracking System for the Recovery of High Power Model Rockets
Bih, Michael; Gscheidle, Karl H.; Hardy, Debra; Kollipara, Naveen & Kulle, Gregory
Primary view of Solar Powered PIR Security System to Monitor Wildlife
Jones, Raechelle; Meyer, Chelsea; Wolf, Lori; Acevedo, Miguel F. & Williams, Jennifer
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