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Decommissioning of DMA equipment at Richland. Quarterly status report for period ending June 30, 1974

Description: The project is progressing under the authorizing November 12, 1973, TWX from AL to RL. It provides for removal of the retired equipment in the 234-5 Building, its packaging and burial suitable for 20-year retrieval. The building area affected will be decontaminated and made available for other purposes. Work is progressing on removal of the inspection equipment in Room 192 with two hoods having been detached from the conveyor head. No contamination exterior to the hoods has occurred. Document, Vitro-R-286 and its addendum are attached. They provide the sequence for removal of the inspection line equipment and the special procedure for removal of Hood HI-74. Twelve steel burial boxes have been received and 30 fiberglass burial boxes are in transit from Rocky Flats. No unusual problems have been encountered.
Date: July 1, 1974
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Utilization of geothermal energy resources in rural Alaskan communities. Final report, June 1-December 31, 1974

Description: Three potential geothermal sites in Alaska are discovered. The history of previous use of the hot springs, the socio-economic factors, energy needs, and total energy utilization plans of selected Alaskan thermal springs are presented. Proposed research programs for the sites and environmental hazards and protection are described. (MHR)
Date: December 1, 1974
Creator: Forbes, R.B.; Leonard, L. & Dinkel, D.H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

EPRI geothermal energy R and D 5-year program plan (1975 to 1979)

Description: The recommended EPRI Geothermal Research and Development 5-Year Program Plan has been defined to complement and provide focus for federally sponsored geothermal energy R and D efforts. The scope of the program includes: verification of hydrothermal reservoir capability and low salinity brine heat transfer characteristics at a potential demonstration site followed by design, development and construction of a low salinity hydrothermal demonstration plant in conjunction with an electric utility or utility consortium. Development of a comprehensive set of Guidelines Manuals for use by utility management and engineers spanning the full range of geothermal resource utilization from exploration through plant startup, including not only technical, but environmental, institutional and regulatory factors. A subprogram to define the potential and requirements for Geothermal Systems. A supporting research and technology subprogram oriented toward minimizing the risk associated with utilization of low and high salinity hydrothermal sources. An Advanced Research and Technology subprogram to assess the potential of geopressure resources in conjunction with the Federal government and limited R and D on advanced concepts for utilization of hydrothermal fluids. (MHR)
Date: October 17, 1974
Creator: Spencer, D.F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Feasibility of leak-detection instrumentation for duplex-tube steam generator. [LMFBR]

Description: A literature search has been carried out to determine if current state-of-the-art for sodium vapor and water vapor detectors are feasible as leak detection instrumentation for the Westinghouse duplex-tube steam generator. A commercially available probe-type water vapor detector has been identified and a thermal ionization type sodium vapor detector, currently being developed by Westinghouse, has been selected as the reference sodium-vapor leak detector. Recommendations are made concerning the experimental studies required to adapt the selected instrumentation to steam-generator plant applications. Proposed future instrumentation development programs are also identified.
Date: January 1, 1974
Creator: Berkey, E. & Witkowski, R.E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Preliminary evaluation of geothermal resources of South Texas

Description: Studies on the following are summarized: regional distribution of Frio sands, South Texas; depositional patterns, Gulf-Coast Tertiary; growth faults, mechanisms for downdip thickening; the approach to obtaining sand distribution; reliable correlations from regional cross sections; depositional systems from sand-percentage maps; geopressured Frio related to sand distribution; isothermal maps; and conclusons and potential geothermal fairways. (MHR)
Date: October 1, 1974
Creator: Bebout, D.G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

First article test report for FFTF heater supports

Description: Test articles of 1-in. and 28-in. diameter have been assembled, tested in accordance with HWS-2160 and the FAT Plan, Revision 1, and disassembled and evaluated in the presence of a Bechtel representative. Observations and conclusions are presented.
Date: December 23, 1974
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Annual Report to the Congress by the Office of Technology Assessment: March 15, 1974

Description: This report is intended to provide the Congress with information on the steps taken thus far by the Office of Technology Assessment, as well as general background information on the development of the Technology Assessment Act.
Date: March 1974
Creator: United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Brief history of the Office of Energy Research and Development: Federal Energy Office/Federal Energy Administration

Description: A number of Important Issues in energy research and development which warrant special attention by the Energy Research and Development Office (ERDO) are identified and examined. Six matters considered to be of sufficient weight to be labeled Important Issues are: nuclear reactor siting policy: nuclear energy centers; the development of solar electric power; exploitation of western oil shale; improvements in mining technology for coal; assuring uranium fuel supplies; and automotive energy systems. The environmental issue is treated separately. Actions that ERDO can take to help resolve the issues are discussed.
Date: November 15, 1974
Creator: Hibbard, W.R. Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Drilling and Sampling Tertiary Gold-Bearing Gravels at Badger Hill, Nevada County, California

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over gold-bearing deposits of Nevada County, California. Drilling and sampling of these gold deposits are discussed. This report includes tables, maps, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: 1974
Creator: McLellan, Russell R.; Berkenkotter, Richard D.; Wilmot, Richard C. & Stahl, Robert L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Improved resonance reaction rate calculation for lattice physics subsystem

Description: The resonance capture calculations of the HAMMER System and HAMBUR System are derived from a consistent statement of the integral slowing down equation and definitions of the resonance integral. The assumptions made in these treatments are explicitly stated, and and an attempt is made to estimate the possible error in the resonance integral arising from these assumptions. This analysis is made to pin-point those parts of the calculation that can be improved and updated. Based on the analysis of existing calculations a method of calculation is derived which avoids most of the problems encountered in HAMMER and HAMBUR. The chief improvements that result are as follows: Careful attention is paid to calculation of the resonance flux as most errors in existing calculations result from consistently overpredicting fluxes in all regions of a lattice cell. The calculation can be modified to produce as crude or detailed a resonance calculation, at the expense of computer time, as required by the user. Resonances that overlap group boundaries contribute the correct contribution to each group's reaction rates. Overlap between resonances of different isotopes is correctly accounted for. Up-to-date resonance formalisms are used including the Adler-Adler multi-level formulations. Provision is made to easily add new formalisms when required. Streaming effects from neutron leaking into a cell may optionally be included in the calculation of resonance reaction rates. A complete description of the physics contained in this new computational module is provided along with additional information on the numerical techniques employed in the module.
Date: February 8, 1974
Creator: Finch, D.R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Drug Bioequivalence

Description: Report of the findings from a panel of the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) regarding drug bioequivalence therapies. According to the report, the purpose of the Drug Bioequivalence Study Panel "was to examine the relationships between the chemical and therapeutic equivalence of drug products and to assess the capability of current technology -- short of therapeutic trials in man -- to determine whether drug products with the same physical and chemical composition produce comparable therapeutic effects" (p. 5).
Date: July 1974
Creator: United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment. Drug Bioequivalence Study Panel.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Requirements for Fulfilling a National Materials Policy

Description: Report from a conference focused on finding a "consensus on main themes of materials policy, and to focus national attention on the need for a strong, effective national network of materials information systems" (p. 1).
Date: {1974-08-11,1974-08-16}
Creator: United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Analytic pulsar models

Description: An analytic and fully general relativistic solution to Einstein's field equations is given. This analytic model of a slowly rotating neutron star can describe differentially as well as uniformly rotating stars. (auth)
Date: January 16, 1974
Creator: Adams, R.C.; Cohen, J.M.; Adler, R.J. & Sheffield, C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Lethal and mutagenic effects in microorganisms grown in $sup 3$H$sub 2$O. Final report

Description: Results are summarized from studies of lethal and mutagenic effects in microorganisms grown in tritiated water. It was concluded that the effects of radiation alone are sufficient to explain the biological effects observed. Studies on the effect of tritium decays accumulated during growth of organisms in the presence of tritiated nucleic acid precursors showed that the mutation rates per decay for continuous growth and for storage conditions were identical and that tritium-labeled adenine and cytosine both caused a local mutagenic effect. A list of publications that give a complete account of the work is included. (CH)
Date: January 1, 1974
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Solid state circuit breaker. Technological spinoff report

Description: A solid state circuit breaker was designed using the SCEPTRE circuit analysis program. The experimental circuit assembled worked satlsfactorily for overloads up to 200 percent. This device would be useful in some special applications where fast operation in the microsecond range would be an advantage. (auth)
Date: February 1, 1974
Creator: Elmer, E.R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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