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Primary view of Summary of Airborne Radiometric Surveying in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana
Brooke, Gerald L.
November 22, 1971
Primary view of Distribution of Radionuclides in Bottom Sediments of the Columbia River Estuary
Hubbell, David Wellington & Glenn, J. L.
Primary view of Factors which will affect the cost of a superconducting synchrotron
Green, M. A.
February 17, 1971
Primary view of Nuclear excitations and reaction mechanisms. Report of progress to 31 October 1972. [Summaries of research activities at Brown University]
unknown creator
November 1, 1971
Primary view of Superconductivity of Pb--Bi alloys under high pressure
Jones, R. E.
September 1, 1971
Primary view of Electrolytic dissolver for plutonium metal
Fox, R. D.
September 20, 1971
Primary view of Introduction to SPEAKEASY
Cohen, S. & Vincent, C. M.
May 1, 1971
Primary view of Monte Carlo program for calculating neutron detection efficiencies in plastic scintillator
Stanton, N. R.
February 1, 1971
Primary view of Geothermal resources in California: potentials and problems
Goldsmith, M.
December 1, 1971
Primary view of Liquid metal bearing technology for large, high-temperature, sodium rotating machinery. Third topical report design data handbook for externally pressurized journal bearings including turbulence and inertia effects
Smalley, A. J.; Geren, B. F. & Arwas, E. B.
January 1, 1971
Primary view of Acoustic flaw triangulation on a thin spherical shell: an analytical solution
Blake, H. W. & Davenport, C. M.
December 30, 1971
Primary view of Lifetime measurements in /sup 38/Cl and /sup 40/K. [Lifetime, transitions, strengths, J,. pi. ]
Wedberg, Jr, G H
December 1, 1971
Primary view of Quantitative analysis of thin foils using backscattering measurements. [He implants in Pd; composite Al/parylene]
Mervine, L. R.; Der, R. C.; Fortner, R. J.; Kavanagh, T. M. & Khan, J. M.
February 23, 1971
Primary view of Soil moisture studies based on wells at 32-49 coordinates
Brownell, L. E.
January 12, 1971
Primary view of Study of the /sup 50/V nucleus with the (/sup 3/He,d), (/sup 3/He,. cap alpha. ), (/sup 3/He,p), and (/sup 3/He,p. gamma. ) reactions. [Angular distribution, 13 and 22 MeV, analog states, DWBA, J,. pi. , spectroscopic factors, angular momentum, transitions]
Smith, J W
June 1, 1971
Primary view of Research in Nuclear Physics. Final Report, October 1, 1967 - December 31, 1971
unknown creator
December 29, 1971
Primary view of Terminal Report-Research in Nuclear Physics
Donahue, D J; McCullen, J D & McIntyre, Jr., L C
January 1, 1971
Primary view of Thermodynamic Investigation of Alkali Metal Mixtures
Ott, J. Bevan & Goates, J. Rex
August 31, 1971
Primary view of Solid State Physics; Magnetic Phenomena - Progress Report
Bowers, R. & Silsbee, R. H.
December 31, 1971
Guzzo, Anthony V
November 15, 1971
Primary view of MEASUREMENT OF THE DIFFERENTIAL CROSS SECTIONS FOR THE REACTIONS $pi$$sup +$ + p $Yields$ K$sup +$ + $Sigma$$sup +$ AND $pi$$sup +$ + p $Yields$ K$sup +$ + Y*$sup +$(1385) NEAR ZERO DEGREES AT 3.0, 5.0, AND 7.0 GeV/c.
Kalbaci, P.
December 31, 1971
Rosenberg, Barnett
February 28, 1971
Primary view of Technical Studies Report: Project Wagon Wheel
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
December 31, 1971
Primary view of Use of Steam-Electric Power Plants to Provide Thermal Energy to Urban Areas
Miller, A. J.; Payne, H. R.; Lackey, M. E.; Samuels, G.; Heath, M. T.; Hagen, E. W. et al.
January 1971
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