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Primary view of Nuclear magnetohydrodynamic power plant in space. [URANIUM CARBIDE FUEL]
Carter, J.C. & Armstrong, R.H.
March 1, 1964
Primary view of Presidential Inability and Vice Presidential Vacancy
American Law Division
November 1964
Primary view of The United States Self-Judging Reservation to the Compulsory Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice
Stromberg, Ruth Hart & Zafren, Daniel Hill
December 31, 1964
Primary view of Superconductivity in solid solutions of transition metal carbides. [NbC-TaC]
Wells, M.
June 10, 1964
Primary view of Engineering Development of Fluid-Bed Fluoride Volatility Processes: Part 5. Description of a Pilot-Scale Facility for Uranium Dioxide-Plutonium Dioxide Processing Studies
Vogel, G. J.; Carls, E. L. & Mecham, W. J.
Primary view of Design and Construction of a Desalination Pilot Plant, a Reverse Osmosis Process
Aerojet-General Corporation
January 1964
Primary view of The Koppers Hydrate Process for Saline Water Conversion Experimental and Engineering Studies
Koppers Company
Primary view of Diffusion Still Analysis
Kroeger, Peter
Primary view of Study of unsteady magnetohydrodynamic flow and heat transfer
Singer, R. M.
November 1, 1964
Primary view of Titanium Resources of Nelson and Amherst Counties, Virginia: (In Two Parts), 2. Nelsonite
Fish, George E., Jr. & Swanson, Vernon F.
Primary view of Manganese Resources of the Batesville District, Arkansas: (In Three Parts), 3. Field Investigations: July 1956 to June 1961
Stroud, R. B.
Primary view of Beneficiation Studies of the Oregon Coastal Dune Sands for Use as Glass Sand
Carter, George J.; Harris, Henry M. & Strandberg, Karle G.
Primary view of Reverse Osmosis for Water Desalination
Lonsdale, H. K.; Merten, U.; Riley, R. L.; Vos, K. D. & Westmoreland, J. C.
May 22, 1964
Primary view of Washing of Brine From Ice Crystals
Leinroth, J. P., Jr.; White, W. P. & Sherwood, Thomas K.
Primary view of Study of EOCR Modifications for Testing Fast Reactor Fuels
Ball, G.; DeFelice, J.; Edwards, J. J.; Jens, W. H.; Kovac, L. R.; Poggi, R. et al.
February 17, 1964
Primary view of Operation of the Sodium Technology Loop for Contamination Meter Evaluations
unknown creator
March 25, 1964
Primary view of PUREX IBX: IBS COLUMN STUDIES, 1964.
Richardson, G.L.
January 1, 1964
Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems program: alternator final design report
unknown creator
June 1, 1964
Primary view of The Helderberg Group and the Position of the Silurian-Devonian Boundary in North America
Berdan, Jean M.
Primary view of Coal Resources of Lawrence County Pennsylvania
Van Lieu, J. A. & Patterson, Elmer D.
Primary view of Geology and Uranium Deposits of the Southern Part of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
Sharp, William N. & Gibbons, Anthony B.
Primary view of Geologic Reconnaissance of the Antelope-Ashwood Area North-Central Oregon
Peck, Dallas L.
Primary view of Nonopaque Heavy Minerals in Sandstone of Jurassic and Cretaceous Age in the Black Hills Wyoming and South Dakota
Mapel, W. J.; Chisholm, W. A. & Bergenback, R. E.
Primary view of Geology of Franklin, Webster, and Nuckolls Counties, Nebraska
Miller, Robert D.; Van Horn, Richard; Dobrovolny, Ernest & Buck, Laurence P.
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