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Primary view of Study of Requirements and Suitability of Available Reactors for Fast Fuel Tests
Doyle, T. A.; Duffy, J. G.; Jens, W. H.; McHugh, W. E.; Page, E. M. & Warberg, H. S.
February 23, 1963
Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Quarterly Progress Report: October 1 - December 31, 1963
Aerojet-General Corporation
February 15, 1963
Primary view of Niobium-Tin-Aluminum Alloy Studies
Ellis, Thomas Gordon & Wilhelm, Harley A.
February 1963
Primary view of Gamma Ray Efficiencies for Well Type Scintillation Crystals
Dingus, Ronald S. & Stewart, M. G.
February 8, 1963
Primary view of Acid-Base Reactions in Fused Salts. Dichromate-Bromate Reaction
Duke, F. R. & Schlegel, James
February 1963
Primary view of The Strontium-Strontium Hydride Phase System
Peterson, D. T. & Colburn, R. P.
February 20, 1963
Primary view of Complex Systems of the Rare Earth Metals With Glycolate, Lactate, and α-Hydroxyisobutyrate Ligands
Powell, J. E.; Karraker, R. H.; Kolat, R. S. & Farrell, J. L.
February 21, 1963
Primary view of High Pressure Research at Low Temperatures
Swenson, C. A.
February 24, 1963
Primary view of Control rod studies
Cole, A.
February 28, 1963
Primary view of Porosity gain from increase in core radius and fuel mass in Tory II-C
Kane, W.E. & Cole, A.G.
February 14, 1963
Primary view of Waste Management Program: Chemical Processing Department
Tomlinson, R. E
February 25, 1963
Primary view of Status of Harvey aluminum component evaluation: Production test IP-12-A
Blanton, W. A.
February 13, 1963
Primary view of A Computer Program for Calculating Neutron Interaction Between Cylindrical Storage Containers
Lanes, Stephen J. & Rosenberg, Theodore
February 1963
Primary view of Ionization Chambers for Environmental Radiation Measurements
Shambon, Arthur; Lowder, Wayne M. & Condon, William J.
February 1963
Primary view of Determination of Beryllium in Urine by Ion Exchange Separation and Fluorimetric Measurement
Sutton, Doris C.
February 1963
Primary view of Test Results for Unrestrained Reactor, Gunbarrel-Nozzle Assemblies
Goff, J. M., Jr.
February 14, 1963
Primary view of Energy Dependence Determinations in the 60-180 KeV Range with an X-Ray Machine of Varying Output
Shambon, Arthur; Zila, Albert & Sanna, Robert S.
February 1963
Primary view of Aeroradioactivity Survey and Geology of the Gnome (Carlsbad) Area, New Mexico and Texas (ARMS-I)
MacKallor, Jules A.
February 1963
Primary view of Experimental Radiation Measurements in Conventional Structures: Part 2. Comparison of Measurements in Above-Ground and Below-Ground Structures From Simulated and Actual Fallout Radiation
Burson, Z. G. (Zolin G.)
February 1963
Primary view of Reactor instrumentation and safety circuit status review and program document
Deichman, J. L.
February 15, 1963
Primary view of Operating Characteristics of the Lauterbach and Dautrebande Aerosol Generators
Mercer, T. T.; Tillery, M. I. & Flores, M. A.
February 1963
Primary view of Production test IP-527-A effect of eccentricity on the irradiation behavior of KVNS fuel elements
Carlson, P. A. & Hladek, K. L.
February 6, 1963
Primary view of Summary of K Reactor graphite treatment for the zirconium tube program
Coughren, K. D.
February 8, 1963
Primary view of Interim report one to Production Test-IP-549-A, half-plant low alum feed water treatment at F Reactor
Clinton, M. A. & Geier, R. G.
February 11, 1963
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