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Primary view of Endurance Tests of Tires
Holt, W. L. & Wormeley, P. L.
May 25, 1926
Primary view of Measurements on the Thermal Expansion of Fused Silica
Souder, Wilmer H. & Hidnert, Peter
April 13, 1926
Primary view of Tests of Large Columns with H-Shaped Sections
Tuckerman, L. B. & Stang, A. H.
June 11, 1926
Primary view of Report of the Nineteenth National Conference on Weights and Measures, 1926
United States. Bureau of Standards.
Primary view of Strain Lines Developed by Compressive Tests on Structural Members of the Delaware River Bridge at the United States Bureau of Standards for the Delaware River Bridge Joint Commission
United States. Bureau of Standards.
March 10, 1926
Primary view of Use of Sulphite Cellulose Extract as a Tanning Material
Wallace, E. L. & Bowker, Roy Clement
November 1, 1926
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