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Primary view of A Biological Survey of the Pribilof, Alaska
Preble, Edward A. & McAtee, W. L.
June 20, 1923
Primary view of Leaching Nonsulphide Copper Ores with Sulphur Dioxide
Van Barneveld, Charles E. & Leaver, Edmund S.
May 1923
Primary view of Recovery of Gasoline from Uncondensed Still Vapors
Dow, D. B.
August 1923
Primary view of Report on the Oil and Gas Possibilities of the University Block 46 in Culberson County
Beede, J. W., 1871-1940
December 8, 1923
Primary view of Comparison of Gas Masks, Hose Masks, and Oxygen-Breathing Apparatus
Katz, S. H. & Bourquin, J. J.
June 1923
Primary view of Carbon Tetrachloride Extinguisher of Electric Fires
Katz, S. H.; Gleim, E. J. & Bloomfield, J. J.
July 1923
Primary view of Mollier Chart of Properties of Ammonia, 1923
United States. Bureau of Standards.
May 1, 1923
Primary view of Production and Briquetting of Carbonized Lignite
Babcock, E. J. & Odell, W. W.
Primary view of Bibliography of Petroleum and Allied Substances, 1921
Burroughs, E. H.
Primary view of An Investigation of Powdered Coal as Fuel for Power-Plant Boilers: Tests at Oneida Street Power Station, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kreisinger, Henry; Blizard, John; Augustine, C. E. & Cross, B. J.
Primary view of Analytical Methods for Certain Metals Including Cerium, Thorium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Radium, Uranium, Vanadium, Titanium and Zirconium
Moore, R. B.; Lind, S. C.; Marden, J. W.; Bonardi, J. P.; Davis, C. W. & Conley, J. E.
Primary view of Preparation, Transportation, and Combustion of Powdered Coal
Blizard, John
Primary view of Analyses of Samples of Delivered Coal: Collected from July 1, 1915 to January 1, 1922, with a Chapter on the Tidewater Pool Classifications
Snyder, Ned H.
Primary view of Investigation of Toxic Gases from Mexican and other High-Sulphur Petroleums and Products: Report by the Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior, to the American Petroleum Institute
Sayres, R. R.; Smith, N. A. C.; Fieldner, A. C.; Mitchell, C. W.; Jones, G. W.; Yant, W. P. et al.
Primary view of Manual for Oil and Gas Operations [Part 1]
Swigart, T. E. & Beecher, C. E.
Primary view of Underground Ventilation at Butte
Harrington, Daniel
Primary view of Manual for Oil and Gas Operations [Part 2]
Swigart, T. E. & Beecher, C. E.
Primary view of Airplane Speeds of the Future
Warner, Edward P.
January 1923
Primary view of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Aerofoils 2: Continuation of Report No. 93
unknown creator
Primary view of Some New Aerodynamical Relations
Munk, Max M.
Primary view of Shortening the Landing Run
Warner, Edward P.
October 1923
Primary view of A Study of Airplane Maneuvers With Special Reference to Angular Velocities
Reid, H. J. E.
Primary view of Longitudinal Balancing of Airplanes
Eteve, Albert
February 1923
Primary view of New Albatross Commercial Airplane "L 58"
Meyer, G.
March 1923