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Yankee Core Evaluation Program Quarterly Progress Report: 1963

Description: From introduction: The potential of this study as a basis for the evaluation of reactor core design methods is very great. It represents the first opportunity of its kind in relation to the design of low enriched, uranium fueled, light water moderated reactors. Sufficient information should be available to obtain a good fit between the experimental results and a combination of basic physical data and computer programs. The degree of accuracy of this fit will be evaluated. This information will permit a realistic estimate of the uncertainty in future design studies attributable to inherent deficiencies in the design computational methods. In addition, a detailed study of the results undoubtedly will permit improvements in the analytical model. As a final consequence, many ambiguities in reactor economics, due to uncertainties in power capability as a function of time and in the conversion ratio, should be eliminated.
Date: October 1963
Creator: Chajson, L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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