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Mineral Resources, Geology, and Geophysics of the Worthington Mountains Wilderness Study Area, Lincoln County, Nevada

Description: Results of a survey of the Worthington Mountains Wilderness Study Area (NV-040-242) in Lincoln County, Nevada to determine mineral values, if any. The survey determined that metallic mineral (Cu, Pb, Zn, Au, Ag, W) resource potential within the study area is moderate, with level-B certainty, in the northernmost part, and it is low, with level-C certainty, in the remainder of the area. The report outlines the survey measurements and final results, with references and associated resource materials.
Date: 1986
Creator: Du Bray, Edward A.; Blank, H. Richard, Jr. & Wood, Robert H., II
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Geology of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Tennessee and North Carolina

Description: From Preface: "The present account summarizes the results of a long investigation of the rocks of the Great Smoky Mountains (1946-55) by geologists of the staff of the U.S. Geological Survey, in collaboration with those of the Tennessee Division of Geology. The technical details of this investigation have already been set forth at length in professional papers of the U.S. Geological Survey. The present account contains the gist of these findings about the rocks of the mountains, and is accompanied by a map and structure sections in which the surface and underground extent of the rocks are displayed."
Date: 1968
Creator: King, Philip Burke; Neuman, Robert B. & Hadley, Jarvis B.
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Regional Geophysical Investigations of the Uravan Area, Colorado

Description: From introduction: Geophysical surveys have been made in the Uravan area, in southwest Colorado, with the aim of providing information on regional geology, especially on those aspects that may not be apparent from surface evidence alone. Aeromagnetic surveys were made in 1952, and regional gravity surveys were made during the summers of 1953 and 1954. Figure 1 shows the area covered. Information on surface geology was obtained from publications, from geologists working on the Colorado Plateau, and from personal observations.
Date: May 1956
Creator: Joesting, H. R. & Byerly, P. Edward
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Mineral Resources of the Ferris Mountains Wilderness Study Area, Carbon County, Wyoming

Description: From abstract: During the present study, all working were examined and representative rock and mineral samples from them were analyzed. Reconnaissance geochemical sampling of rocks, minerals, and stream sediments was conducted for the entire area.
Date: 1988
Creator: Reynolds, Mitchell W. & Neubert, John T.
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Mineral Resources of the Honeycomb Buttes Wilderness Study Area, Fremont and Sweetwater Counties, Wyoming

Description: From summary: This report includes field investigations to evaluate the mineral resource potential of the Honeycomb Buttes were conducted during the summer of 1984. Geologic mapping, geochemical sampling, geophysical surveys, stratigraphic and sedimentological studies, and surveys of prospects delineated areas of very low grade placer gold deposits in terrace gravels and low and moderate resource potential for additional similar undiscovered placer gold deposits, low and moderate resource potential for small uranium deposits, moderate resource potential for accumulation of oil and gas, and low resource potential for coal and oil shale.
Date: 1987
Creator: Patterson, Charles G.; Kulik, D. M.; Loen, Jeffrey S.; Koesterer, M. E. & Scott, David C.
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Mineral Resources of the Sand Dunes Wilderness Study Area, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Description: From summary: In this report the area studied is referred to as the "wilderness study area" or the "study area". Investigations of mineral occurrences in and near the wilderness study area during 1984 and 1985 indicated high mineral resource potential for undiscovered deposits of coal, moderate potential of oil shale and natural gas, low potential for oil, and identified resources of claystone, shale, and sand.
Date: 1987
Creator: Merewether, E. A.; Kulik, D. M. & Ryan, George S.
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Thickness, Character, and Structure of Upper Permian Evaporites in Part of Eddy County, New Mexico

Description: From introduction: This report summarizes existing subsurface data concerning the thickness, character, and structure of upper Permian evaporites in part of Eddy County, N. Mex. The area of particular interest lies in central eastern Eddy County between Project Gnome site, in the center of sec.
Date: October 1959
Creator: Jones, C. L.
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Evaluation of a Proposed Connector Well, Northeastern DeSoto County, Florida

Description: Abstract: At a 24,000-acre citrus grove, a connector well is proposed as a resource management tool for capturing water normally lost through evapotranspiration and by excess runoff. Such a well would connect the surficial sand aquifer with the deep, highly transmissive limestone Floridan Aquifer. Because of natural head differences, water would move by gravity flow from the sand into the Floridan Aquifer, thus replenishing water withdrawn for irrigation from the Floridan Aquifer. A 70-acre marsh was selected as the test site based on analyses of hydraulic conductivity, porosity, and water quality. Recharge rate through the connector well under steady-state conditions is estimated at 160 gallons per minute. The proposed connector well is designed to have 10-inch screens opposite zones in the 45-foot thick sand aquifer, be cased for 400 feet opposite confining beds and a secondary limestone aquifer, and be open hole for about 250 feet in the Floridan Aquifer. A graded-sand filter pack placed around the screened sections of the well will increase its efficiency.
Date: February 1974
Creator: Hutchinson, C. B. & Wilson, William E.
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Simulations of Non-Steady Flow in a Glacial Outwash Aquifer, Southern Franklin County, Ohio

Description: From introduction: This report is part of an overall study to model the flow and to describe the water-quality characteristics of the glacial outwash aquifer in part of the Scioto River basin. The purpose of this report is to describe the development of a transient-state digital-computer model and the simulated water-level resulting from anticipated withdrawal by up to six new municipal wells.
Date: 1983
Creator: Razem, Allan C.
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Water Quality of the Neuse River, North Carolina--Variability, Pollution loads, and long-term trends

Description: From abstract: This report presents "a water-quality study of the Neuse River, based on data collected during 1956-77 at the U.S. Geological Survey stations at Clayton and Kinston, employs statistical trend analysis techniques that provide a framework for river-quality assessment." It includes maps, graphs, and tables.
Date: February 29, 1980
Creator: Harned, Douglas A.
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Notes on the Geology of Upper Nizina River Alaska

Description: Introduction: It is not intended to give here a full account of the geology of the district but rather to present certain new features that were observed during the season, with enough of the general geology, which is already well known and fully described in other publications, to make them understandable.
Date: 1928
Creator: Moffit, Fred H.
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Geologic Investigations in Support of Project Chariot in the Vicinity of Cape Thompson, Northwestern Alaska: Preliminary Report

Description: From abstract: This report describes the Chariot test at Ogotoruk Creek that is topographically and geologically well-situated for the construction of an experimental deep-water excavation as proposed by the AEC.
Date: January 1960
Creator: Kachadoorian, Reuben; Campbell, Russell H.; Moore, G. W.; Cole, J. Y.; Lachenbruch, Arthur H.; Greene, Gordon W. et al.
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Geology of the Mount Katmai Area, Alaska

Description: From abstract: The Mount Katmai area is on the Alaska Peninsula and comprises the Mount Katmai quadrangle, the Cape Douglas area of the adjoining Afognak quadrangle, and parts of the Karluk and Naknek quadrangles. The area, which includes nearly all the Katmai National Monument, is one of high relief and is drained by streams of preglacial origin. At least two ice advances are indicated by the moraine configuration. Present-day glaciation is restricted to numerous alpine glaciers in the mountain areas. Fifteen recently active volcanoes roughly form a line from Mount Douglas to Martin Mountain.
Date: 1959
Creator: Keller, A. Samuel & Reiser, Hillard N.
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Water-Quality Assessment of White River Lake Between Lake Sequoyah and Beaver Reservoir, Washington County, Arkansas

Description: From abstract: A study was made of the White River between Lake Sequoyah and Beaver Lake to determine the quality of the river under existing conditions and how the effluent from the Fayetteville municipal wastewater-treatment plant, the only point source discharger of waste effluent to the river, affects this quality.
Date: 1983
Creator: Terry, J. E.; Morris, E. E. & Bryant, C. T.
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Use of the STORM Model for Estimating the Quantity and Quality of Runoff from the Metropolitan Area of Houston, Texas

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this study, made in cooperation with the Texas Department of Water Resources, was to adapt an existing model to utilize available streamflow and water quality data to compute runoff from the Houston area and to compute the concentrations and loads of selected water-quality constituents contained in the inflow to Galveston Bay.
Date: November 1979
Creator: Waddell, Kidd M.; Massey, Bernard C. & Jennings, Marshall E.
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Selected Water Resources Data, Clarion River and Redbank Creek Basins, Northwestern Pennsylvania--Part 2

Description: Abstract: This report presents selected basic data collected during a study of the water resources of the Clarion River and Redbank Creek basins in northwestern Pennsylvania. Hydrologic information including data on aquifers, water levels, and yields is presented for 1,304 wells. Records for 51 springs are also given. The report contains 83 chemical analyses of water samples collected from 30 stream sites and 300 analyses of water from 196 wells and 43 springs. Also included are 103 trace-elements analyses. Monthly and annual means of ground-water levels for six observation wells are tabulated. Benthic invertebrate data from 136 stream sites are listed. Locations of data-collection sites are shown on 50 page-size reductions of 7.5-minute topographic quadrangle maps.
Date: July 1979
Creator: Buckwalter, Theodore F.; Dodge, Clifford H. & Schiner, George R.
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Projected Effects of Proposed Chloride-Control Projects on Shallow Ground Water--Preliminary Results for the Wichita River Basin, Texas

Description: From purpose and scope: The purpose of this report is to present preliminary results of the study by the Geological Survey on the following: (1) The existing ground-water conditions in the shallow fresh-water system in the vicinity of the proposed Truscott Brine Lake (figure 1) and (2) the projection of the post-construction effects of the proposed Truscott Brine Lake on the fresh-water aquifer, especially in relation to changes in hydraulic head but also with respect to possible changes in the chemical quality of the ground water.
Date: 1983
Creator: Garza, Sergio
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Optical Calcite Deposits of the Republic of Mexico

Description: From abstract: Many small deposits of optical calcite (Iceland spar) were discovered in the States of Chihuahua, Durango, Sonora, and Sinaloa from early in 1942 to late in 1944. Exploration that began in Sonora led to the discovery of commercial deposits in the eastern part of that State, and subsequently other deposits were found and mined in southwestern and northeastern Chihuahua and in western and central Durango. The largest deposits can be reached by foot or by horse in from 1 to 3 hours from the nearest truck roads, but some of the small deposits are 1 to 3 days by horse from the nearest roads.
Date: 1948
Creator: Fries, Carl, Jr.
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Man-Induced Channel Adjustment in Tennessee Streams

Description: Preface: This report is an attempt to relate the effects of channel modifications to the resulting instabilities in the fluvial system. The primary objective is to provide the Tennessee Department of Transportation with information concerning channel stability in relation to river crossing structures. Several new analytical techniques are presented that can aid in the understanding of channel adjustment to natural and man-induced stress. The methods of analyses presented herein should be applicable to other areas with alluvial, sand-bed channels, especially in the Gulf Coastal Plains States.
Date: 1983
Creator: Robbins, Clarence H. & Simon, Andrew
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