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Accidental Radiation Excursion at the Y-12 Plant, June 16, 1958: Final Report

Description: This report describes the circumstances leading to the accident, attempts to reconstruct the nuclear reactivity conditions, and reviews the dosimetric means and results which were used to help determine the exposure of affected employees.
Date: September 12, 1958
Creator: Patton, F. S.; Bailey, J. C.; Callihan, A. D.; Googin, J. M.; Jasny, G. R.; McAlduff, H. J. et al.
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Portable Mercury Vapor Detector

Description: From abstract: "This report describes a functional mercury vapor detector which is a portable, self-contained, survey instrument, and had a minimum range from zero to two-tenths milligram of mercury per cubic meter of air."
Date: March 14, 1958
Creator: McMurray, C. S. & Redmond, J. W.
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Refrigeration System Used in Mercury Isotope Collections

Description: From introduction: During 1948, the Isotope Research and Production Division undertook to obtain small quantities of nearly pure mercury isotopes by electromagnetic isotope separation. The possible use of a mercury isotope of even-numbered mass to establish an international standard of length required an isotopic purity greater than 99 per cent. It, became apparent that this degree of separation could only be achieved by preventing random diffusion of un-ionized mercury which otherwise would contaminate the isotope collectors.
Date: December 19, 1949
Creator: Duncan, F. R. & Cobb, W. G.
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Stress Corrosion Cracking in Uranium-Molybdenum Alloys

Description: Investigation conducted to determine the cause of cracking, during tension, on the surface of tensile specimens of uranium-molybdenum alloys.
Date: August 12, 1963
Creator: Pridgeon, J. W.
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X-Ray Fluorescence Tables: Program Description

Description: Report discussing the mechanics of X-Ray and COMBO computer programs.
Date: July 20, 1964
Creator: Amsbury, W. P.; Lee, W. W.; Rowan, J. H. & Walden, G. E.
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Effect of Explosive Impacting on Uranium

Description: Abstract: The tensile and yield strengths of both cast and wrought uranium discs were substantially increased by explosively impacting them at room temperature and at 375 deg F. However, the room-temperature impacting caused gross damage in the cast material and slight internal damage in the wrought material at the highest impacting pressures. Impacting at 375 deg F, which is just above the brittle-ductile transition temperature for uranium, was the most effective method for increasing the strengths with no damage to either the cast or wrought material. This impacted material retained some of its increased strength after a low temperature (425 deg C) vacuum anneal that greatly increased the elongation. A salt anneal caused a partial recrystallization in the impacted cast uranium. (auth).
Date: April 23, 1964
Creator: Burditt, R. B.; Carey, W. T. & Coughlen, C. P.
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Production of Zirconium at Y-12

Description: Abstract: "A general description is given of the permanent zirconium plant at Y-12. Equipment is described and materials of construction are listed. Photographs illustrating principal equipment and reduced construction drawings are also presented. Operating conditions and costs information are listed."
Date: November 17, 1955
Creator: Ramsey, J. W. & Whitson, W. K., Jr.
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Status Report and Plant Proposals for Zirconium Purification

Description: From abstract: "This report contains a summary of the latest improvements in zirconium purification as developed by the Y-12 research, pilot plant, production, and engineering groups, all of whom have been generously cooperating in this project."
Date: November 18, 1955
Creator: Leaders, W. M.
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Separation of Zirconium & Hafnium : Proposal for Construction & Operation of Zirconium Production Plant

Description: Abstract: A re-evaluation of the cost of producing essentially hafnium free zirconium as zirconium oxide at a rate of 150,000-200,000 pounds zirconium per year by solvent extraction of the metal thiocyanates in a permanent plant has been made. Using part of the present temporary facilities, the cost, with five year amortization of the plant, will be $3.15 per pound zirconium. A by-product of the mixed oxides of hafnium and zirconium, having at least fifty percent hafnium and perhaps as high as ninety percent hafnium, can be made available with little additional cost.
Date: November 17, 1955
Creator: Googin, J. M. & Strasser, G. A.
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Zirconium-Hafnium Separation : Mixer-Settler Studies : Final Report

Description: Abstract: Use of the mixer-settler apparatus as a rapid means of determining improved conditions for plant operation is described including the experimental details. The preparation of highly purified samples of both zirconium oxide and hafnium oxide is discussed. (This document is concerned almost entirely with explorations of small scale continuous systems. Another document dealing with this general problem using small scale batch operations is being published simultaneously. It should prove of advantage to the reader to study this companion report, Document Y-611, by Barton, Overholser, and Grimes, to obtain a complete picture of the available information.).
Date: November 17, 1955
Creator: Waldrop, F. B.; Ward, W. T. & Leaders, W. M.
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A Versatile Spectrometer Magnet Power Supply

Description: Early results from actual laboratory operation of a more versatile magnet supply.
Date: April 15, 1963
Creator: Groppe, W. A.
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The Design and Performance of Levitation Melting Coils

Description: The purpose of this study was to provide a means for evaluating the various parameters involved in the design and performance of levitation coils.
Date: April 26, 1963
Creator: Hulsey, William Jewell
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Salt Bath Heat Transfer Rates for Uranium Plate

Description: Experiment to study temperature conditions during a five-minute heating cycle in the annealing of uranium sheets used as fissile material.
Date: February 1, 1962
Creator: Burditt, R. B.
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Evaluation of Diethers as Uranium Extractants

Description: Report on the determination of several physical properties, pertinent to uranium extraction, for a number of ethers and related compounds.
Date: January 14, 1963
Creator: Googin, J. M.; Harper, W. L.; Phillips, L. R. & Postma, Fred W.
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Cubic Spline, a Curve Fitting Routine

Description: A method of mathematically fitting a curve through a given ordered set of points has been developed and programmed in fortran computer language.
Date: 1963
Creator: Fowler, A. H.
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Transistorized Pulse Counting Equipment

Description: This instrument was designed primarily to meet the need for radiation monitoring equipment in chemical process areas where corrosive vapors exist.
Date: July 26, 1960
Creator: Henry, John J.
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