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Analytical Study of Shimmy of Airplane Wheels

Description: The problem of shimmy of a castering wheel, such as the nose wheel of a tricycle gear airplane, is treated analytically. The flexibility of the tire is considered to be the primary cause of shimmy. The rather simple theory developed agrees rather well with previous experimental results. The author suggests that shimmy may be eliminated through a suitable choice of landing gear dimensions in lieu of a damper.
Date: September 1952
Creator: Bourcier de Carbon, Christian
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Bending of Beams of Thin Sections

Description: The tendency toward economy of material and lightness of structure has long since led to the increased application of beams having large ratios of moment of area W to cross-sectional area F. This paper tries to provide an answer to how thin the beams can be.
Date: April 1936
Creator: Huber, Maximilian T.
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Airplane Stability in Taxying

Description: The stability analysis of an airplane while rolling is much more simplified to the extent that it can be obtained for numerical data which can be put to practical use in the design of landing gear dimensions. Every landing gear type attains to a critical ground friction coefficient that decides the beginning of instability, i.e., nosing over. This study has, in addition, a certain interest for the use of wheel brakes.
Date: September 1932
Creator: Anderlik, E.
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Airplane Drag

Description: It has been less well understood that the induced drag (or, better said, the undesired increase in the induced drag as compared with the theoretical minimum calculated by Prandtl) plays a decisive role in the process of taking off and therefore in the requisite engine power. This paper seeks to clarify the induced drag.
Date: December 1929
Creator: Töpfer, Carl
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Airplane Stability Calculations and Their Verification by Flight Tests

Description: For some time, the designers of airplanes have begun to occupy themselves with the question of longitudinal stability. In their quest to simplify calculation and data collection, the designers have attached the greatest importance to the coefficient of initial longitudinal stability. In this study a diagram was constructed from the data of the tunnel tests, which depends neither on the position of the center of gravity nor of the angle of deflection of the elevators. This diagram is constructed by means of straight lines drawn through the metacenters of the complete airplane, in a direction parallel to the tangents to the polar of the airplane relative to a system of axes fixed with reference to the airplane.
Date: July 1922
Creator: Rota, Augusto
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Airplane Speeds of the Future

Description: While the reliability of predictions is poor the author still attempts to gauge the future speeds of airplanes.
Date: January 1923
Creator: Warner, Edward P.
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Behavior of Turbulent Boundary Layers on Curved Convex Walls

Description: The system of linear differential equations which indicated the approach of separation and the so-called "boundary-layer thickness" by Gruschwitz is extended in this report to include the case where the friction layer is subject to centrifugal forces. Evaluation of the data yields a strong functional dependence of the momentum change and wall drag on the boundary-layer thickness radius of curvature ratio for the wall. It is further shown that the transition from laminar to turbulent flow occurs at somewhat higher Reynolds Numbers at the convex wall than at the flat plate, due to the stabilizing effect of the centrifugal forces.
Date: April 1936
Creator: Schmidbauer, Hans
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The Behavior Under Shearing Stress of Duralumin Strip With Round, Flanged Holes

Description: "This report presents the results of an investigation to determine the behavior of dural strip with flanged holes in the center when subjected to shear stresses. They buckle under a certain load just as a flat sheet. There is one optimum hole spacing and a corresponding buckling load in shear for each sheet width, sheet thickness, and flange form. Comparison with non-flanged sheets revealed a marked increase of buckling load in shear due to the flanging and a slightly greater displacement" (p. 1).
Date: October 1934
Creator: Schüssler, Karl
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Behavior of a Plate Strip Under Shear and Compressive Stresses Beyond the Buckling Limit

Description: The present report is an extension of previous theoretical investigations on the elastic behavior of a plate under compression and shear in the region above the critical. The main object is the clarification of the behavior immediately above the buckling limit since no theoretical expressions for this range have thus far been found and since experimentally, too, any degree of regularity in the behavior of the plate in the range between the critical load and about three to four times the critical, is discernible only with difficulty.
Date: July 1938
Creator: Kromm, A. & Marguerre, K.
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Behavior of Fast Moving Flow of Compressible Gas in Cylindrical Pipe in Presence of Cooling

Description: For compressible flow with friction in a cylindrical pipe the momentum, continuity, and heat-transfer equations are examined to determine whether an increase in Mach number ("thermal" Laval nozzle) is obtainable through heat conduction from the gas through the pipe walls. The analysis is based on the assumption that the wall temperature is negligibly small in comparison with the stagnation temperature of the gas. The analysis leads to a negative result. When the gas cooling is increased by also considering radiation to the wall, a limited region at high temperatures is obtained where Mach number increases were theoretically possible. Obtaining this condition practically is considered impossible.
Date: September 1951
Creator: Varshavsky, G. A.
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Behm Acoustic Sounder for Aircraft

Description: The Behm acoustic sounder for aircraft enables the barometric determination for the altitude by night or fog and therefore promises to prove of great importance in safeguarding air traffic.
Date: January 1926
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The Bending of Beams With Thin Tension Flanges

Description: This report analyzes the action of a cantilever T beam with a tension flange so thin it can only carry tensile stresses.
Date: March 1935
Creator: Cicala, Placido
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Behavior of Aviation Engines at Different Air Densities

Description: The author expresses his views that engine performance would be affected only at very low temperatures is presented in this report.
Date: January 1922
Creator: Schwager, O.
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The Behm Acoustic Sounder for Airplanes With Reference to Its Accuracy

Description: Relative altimetry is of great importance for increasing the safety in aerial transportation, because it makes possible safe flying at night, by poor visibility, and when landing. Among the instruments of this type is the Behm sounder, which operates on an acoustic principle. Acoustic altimetry in general and the Behn sounder, in particular, are covered in this report.
Date: October 1930
Creator: Schreiber, Ernest
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The Analysis of Aircraft Structures as Space Frameworks: Method Based on the Forces in the Longitudinal Members

Description: The following examples do not take up the discussion of viewpoints to be heeded in determining the design of a framework for given external conditions. Rather they are methods for determining the forces in airplane fuselages and wings, though similar considerations are applied to certain simple cases of a different kind. The object of this treatise is to summarize and amplify these considerations from definite viewpoints.
Date: July 1929
Creator: Wagner, Herbert
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Airplane Strength Calculations and Static Tests in Russia: An Attempt at Standardization

Description: We are here giving a summary of the rules established by the Theoretical Section of the Central Aerodynamic Institute of Moscow for the different calculation cases of an airplane. It appears the engineers of the Aerodynamic Institute considered only thick or medium profiles. For these profiles they have attempted to increase the safety when the center of pressure moves appreciably toward the trailing edge.
Date: September 1928
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Analysis of Spinning in a Monoplane Wing by the Induction Method as Compared With the Strip Method

Description: The problem of autorotation has been attacked by various authors, in particular Fuchs and Schmidt who applied the so-called strip method which is based upon the assumption that the forces and moments per unit length acting in each section of the wing are equal to those on an infinite cylindrical wing of equal section in an air flow of intensity and direction resulting from the apparent relative motion of this section with respect to the surrounding air. In other words they disregarded the induced velocities, which, however, are of such importance that their omission is bound to result in appreciable errors, as we attempt to prove in this report.
Date: June 1934
Creator: Poggi, L.
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Airplane Parachutes

Description: The "Bulletin Technique", of March, 1919, gave the results of tests and studies made up to that date in connection with airplane parachutes. This work has been continued.
Date: August 1925
Creator: Mazer
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Airplane Flight in the Stratosphere

Description: This brief survey of the problems encountered in high-altitude flight deals in particular with the need for high lift coefficient in the wings, large aspect ratios in the wings, and also the problem of hermetically sealing the cabin.
Date: February 1932
Creator: de Caria, Ugo
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Behavior of Static Pressure Heads at High Speeds

Description: "Memorandum presenting the development of a static pressure head for high speeds. These tests proved the practicability of static pressure heads at speeds up to 400 km/h (248.5 mph). It weighs 6.5 kg or 2.5 times as much as the old head. The position of the pressure head below the airplane was determined by bearing method at different speeds and for different lengths of suspension" (p. 1).
Date: June 1938
Creator: Danielzig, Helmut
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Air traffic

Description: This report presents a recounting of the steps taken by France to establish national and international regulation over air traffic.
Date: May 1922
Creator: Sudre, G.
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Air Transport

Description: Report presenting the development in air transport that has taken place since civil aviation between England and Europe started at the end of August 1919. The primary subjects explored include the character of loads on aircraft, routes operated, results in passengers carried and efficiency of the service, costs of the service, question of subsidies, and probable future developments.
Date: 1924
Creator: Page, F. Handley
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Air-Water Analogy and the Study of Hydraulic Models

Description: From Summary: "The author first sets forth some observations about the theory of models. Then he established certain general criteria for the construction of dynamically similar models in water and in air, through reference to the perfect fluid equations and to the ones pertaining to viscous flow. It is, in addition, pointed out that there are more cases in which the analogy is possible than is commonly supposed."
Date: July 1953
Creator: Supino, Giulio
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