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Bituminous Coal Resources of Texas

Description: Report discussing reports of coal beds under a variety of rock formations throughout Texas.
Date: 1961
Creator: Mapel, W. J. 1922-
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Geology of the Mount Katmai Area, Alaska

Description: From abstract: The Mount Katmai area is on the Alaska Peninsula and comprises the Mount Katmai quadrangle, the Cape Douglas area of the adjoining Afognak quadrangle, and parts of the Karluk and Naknek quadrangles. The area, which includes nearly all the Katmai National Monument, is one of high relief and is drained by streams of preglacial origin. At least two ice advances are indicated by the moraine configuration. Present-day glaciation is restricted to numerous alpine glaciers in the mountain areas. Fifteen recently active volcanoes roughly form a line from Mount Douglas to Martin Mountain.
Date: 1959
Creator: Keller, A. Samuel & Reiser, Hillard N.
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Surficial Geology of Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Description: From introduction: Much of the ground surface around Mount Rainier volcano is directly underlain by loose geologic deposits that veneer the hard rock formations. Examples of these deposits are sand and gravel bars along the rivers, ridges of loose rock debris beside the glaciers, and sloping aprons of rock fragments beneath almost every cliff. Even though they are generally thin and inconspicuous when compared with the rock formations, these surficial deposits are clues to geologic events that. have profoundly influenced the shape of the park's landscape. Thus, from the character and extent of glacial deposits one can judge the age and size of former glaciers that carved the cirques and deep canyons of the park; from the mudflows which streamed down nearly every valley one can infer the age and size of huge landslides of the past that helped determine Mount Rainier's present shape; and from the pumice deposits some of the volcano's recent eruptive activity can be reconstructed.
Date: 1969
Creator: Crandell, Dwight Raymond
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Nomenclature of Precambrian Rocks in Colorado

Description: Abstract: "The Precambrian rocks of Colorado consist of a metaphoric complex more than 1,700 million years in age, three groups of igneous rocks about 1,700, 1,400, and 1,000 million years in age, here designated informal age groups, and two areally restricted units of sedimentary rocks, one between 1,400 and 1,700 million years in age and one between 950 and 1,400 million years. A systematic nomenclature for many of the rocks does not exist, but the present state of knowledge will permit establishment of a comprehensive nomenclature. Numerous formal names that have been applied to elements of the Precambrian assemblage are appraised and classified in a table, and eight names are abandoned."
Date: 1977
Creator: Tweto, Ogden
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Copper Mosses as Indicators of Metal Concentrations

Description: A report that analyses samples of copper mosses and their substrates and compares these analyses with those published elsewhere.
Date: 1967
Creator: Shacklette, Hansford T.
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Geology of the Lost Creek Schroeckingerite Deposits Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Description: A report which presents the geologic results of an exploration program in the Lost Creek area by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1951-52 on behalf of the Division of Raw Materials of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
Date: 1961
Creator: Sheridan, Douglas M.; Maxwell, Charles H. & Collier, John T.
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Coal Resources of the United States

Description: A report about the United States's coal supply. The U.S. has 25 percent of the world's identified coal resources and about 20 percent of the world's estimated total coal resources.
Date: January 1, 1974
Creator: Averitt, Paul
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A Preliminary Report on the Precambrian Iron Deposits Near Atlantic City, Wyoming

Description: A report about 100 square miles of metamorphosed Precambrian sedimentary and volcanic rocks in Wyoming. The district in which they are located is known for its gold, but iron deposits of high economic potential are being developed in the northwest part.
Date: 1963
Creator: Bayley, Richard W.
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Surficial Geology of the Louisville Quadrangle Colorado

Description: A report about superficial deposits in the Louisville quadrangle, Colorado. They indicate early Pleistocene valley incisions bellow pediments and late Pleistocene valley filling and upland eolian deposition.
Date: unknown
Creator: Malde, Harold E.
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Changes in Stratigraphic Nomenclature by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1972

Description: A list of stratigraphic names which are adopted, revised, reinstated, or abandoned are listed. The scheme of the list has been devised simply to facilitate depiction and analyses of the Precambrain history of the United States.
Date: 1974
Creator: Cohee, George V. & Wright, Wilna B.
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Geology of the Crazy Woman Creek Area Johnson County Wyoming

Description: A report about the geology of the the Crazy Woman Creek area in Wyoming. Rocks of every system except the Silurian and Devonian are present in the area.
Date: 1955
Creator: Hose, Richard K.
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