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Final report of the International Nuclear Energy Research Initiative OSMOSE project (FY01-FY04).

Description: The need for better nuclear data has been stressed by various organizations throughout the world, and results of studies have been published which demonstrate that current data are inadequate for designing the projects under consideration [1] [2]. In particular, a Working Party of the OECD has been concerned with identifying these needs [3] and has produced a detailed High Priority Request List for Nuclear Data. The French Atomic Energy Commissariat (CEA) has also recognized the need for better data and launched an ambitious program aimed at measuring the integral absorption rate parameters at the CEA-Cadarache Research Center. A complete analytical program is associated with the experimental program and aims at understanding and resolving potential discrepancies between calculated and measured values. The final objective of the program is to reduce the uncertainties in predictive capabilities to a level acceptable to core designers and government regulators. Argonne National Laboratory has expertise in these areas. In the past, ANL teams have developed very accurate experimental techniques and strongly enhanced the development of several French experimental and analytical programs, and have contributed to the computational tools used at CEA-Cadarache. CEA recognized the expertise that ANL has in these areas and was interested in collaborating with ANL in the experimental design, measurements, and analysis tasks of the OSMOSE (Oscillation in Minerve of Isotopes in Eupraxic Spectra) program. The development and execution of the first phase of the OSMOSE program within the DOE I-NERI Program was a resounding success. Both parties saw improved performance in the conduct of the program because of the contribution from both parties. The collaboration included several key aspects: (1) DOE supplied specific minor actinide isotopes to CEA that were not easily obtainable in France, (2) ANL staff participated and supported the experimental program, (3) ANL and CEA personnel performed analysis for ...
Date: February 25, 2005
Creator: Klann, R. T.; Perret, G.; Hudelot, J. P.; Drin, N.; Lee, J. & Cao, Y.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department