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Geology of the Christmas Copper Mine, Gila County, Arizona

Description: From introduction: The exploration project at Christmas was carried on cooperatively by the Geological Survey and U. S. Bureau of Mines. Mr. 0. M. Bishop, Engineer for the Bureau of Mines, examined the property and in his report of June 6, 1942 recommended that six holes be drilled from the 800 level of the mine. The Bureau of Mines began drilling in September 1942, and the Survey investigations began a month later. Since any ore bodies discovered below the 800 level would be inaccessible until a deeper level could be developed, the Bureau and Survey decided to explore from higher levels where resulting benefits could be more quickly realized. Drilling from the upper levels was begun early in 1943.
Date: 1956
Creator: Peterson, Nels P. & Swanson, Roger W.
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Mineral Resources of the San Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona

Description: From abstract: At the request of the Council of the San Carlos Apache Tribe the U. S. Geological Survey entered into a cooperative agreement calling for a brief reconnaissance study to determine, as far as practical, the mineral potential of the San Carlos Indian Reservation. Five months of field work was done during the winter and spring of 1952-53. About 30 percent of the reservation is covered by alluvial deposits of late Tertiary, Pleistocene, and Recent age, and another 60 percent is covered by volcanic rocks of Tertiary and perhaps Pleistocene age. These rocks are younger than the major epochs of metallization in southeastern Arizona. The remainder of the area is underlain by pre-Cambrian and Paleozoic sedimentary rocks, pre-Cambrian granite, and pre-Devonian diabase.
Date: 1956
Creator: Bromfield, Calvin Stanton & Shride, Andrew F.
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Beryl-bearing Pegmatites in the Ruby Mountains and Other Areas in Nevada and Northwestern Arizona

Description: From abstract: Pegmatite occurs widely in Nevada and northwestern Arizona, but little mining has been done for such pegmatite minerals as mica, feldspar, beryl, and lepidolite. Reconnaissance for beryl-bearing pegmatite in Nevada and in part of Mohave County, Ariz., and detailed studies in the Dawley Canyon area, Elko County, Nev., have shown that beryl occurs in at least 11 districts in the region. Muscovite has been prospected or mined in the Ruby and Virgin Mountains, Nev., and in Mohave County, Ariz. Feldspar has been mined in the southern part of the region near Kingman, Ariz., and in Clark County, Nev.
Date: 1960
Creator: Olson, Jerry C. & Hinrichs, E. Neal
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