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Primary view of Slowing Down of Neutrons
Breit, G.
August 18, 1941
Primary view of Report on Determination of Densities of Several Uranium Compounds
Priest, Homer F. & Priest, G. L.
August 10, 1942
Primary view of The Extraction Method of Purification of Uranyl Nitrate
Myers, L. S., Jr.; Anderson, K. C.; Wexler, Sol & Boyd, G. E.
August 28, 1942
Primary view of Polarographic Determination of Uranium in Dust Samples
Smith, Stanton B.
August 30, 1943
Primary view of Distribution Coefficient of D₂O Between Triethylamine and Water
Carlson, H. C.
August 31, 1943
Primary view of Identification and Crystal Structure of Barium Hydrogen Phosphate
Mooney, Rose C. L.; Compton, A. H.; Allison, Samuel King, 1900-1965; Stearns, J. C. & Zachariasen, William H. (William Houlder), 1906-1979
August 8, 1944
Primary view of Metallurgical Laboratory, Chemical Research - Analytical, Report for the Month Ending July 1, 1944
Hogness, T. R. (Thorfin Rusten), 1894-; Ashcraft, E. B.; McKinney, D. S. & Voskuyl, R. J.
August 11, 1944
Primary view of Electrolytic Production of Uranium from Solutions of its Tribromide in Fused Salts
Webster, Richard A.
August 15, 1944
Primary view of Preparation of Carrier Free Zr-Cb Tracer, Problem Assignment No. 263-X61C, Progress Report
Marinsky, Jacob A. (Jacob Akiba), 1918-2005 & Ballou, Nathan Elmer, 1919-
August 28, 1944
Primary view of Production and Properties of Ceramic Bodies of Alkaline Earth and Other Refractory Oxides
Keller, W. H.; Peterson, David & Handlin, Louis
August 1945
Primary view of Report on Sleepy Cat Mountain district, White River uplift area, Colorado
Gruenerwald, William & Richardson, Gilbert R.
August 1945
Primary view of Vacuum Probe, Standard Leaks, and Needle Valve for Use with the Helium Leak Detector
Samuel, A. J.
August 1945
Primary view of A Direct Current Emission Regulator
White, J. R. & Cameron, A. E.
August 4, 1945
Primary view of The Metal-Dielectric Junction of High-Voltage Insulators in Vacuum and Magnetic Field
Kjofoid, M. J.; Alger, Raymond S. & Graves, D.
August 8, 1945
Primary view of Crystal Structures of Some Uranium Compounds : a Summary from the Ames Laboratory
Rundle, R. E.; Baenziger, N. C. & Wilson, A. S.
August 15, 1945
Primary view of The Aluminum Nitrate Process for the Conversion of Tuballoy Tetrafluoride to Tuballoy Peroxide
Lord, E. J.; Andrews, L. J. & Gates, J. W.
August 22, 1945
Primary view of The Effect of Geometry and Voltage Variations on the Operations of the Phillips Ion Gage
McKinney, C. R.; Eggen, Donald T.; Bishop, A.; Arnold, W. A. & Starr, C.
August 22, 1945
Primary view of Crystal Structure Studies of the System NaF-UF4, NaF-ThF4 and NaF-LaF3
Zachariasen, William H. (William Houlder), 1906-1979
August 1946
Primary view of The Dissolution of Thorium Metal and Thorium Dioxide in HNO3 - HF and HNO3- ( NH4 ) 2 SiF6 Mixtures
Schuler, Frederick W.; Steahly, Frank L. & Stoughton, Raymond W.
August 2, 1946
Primary view of Recovery of Uranium From Fiberglass Air Filters
Adams, R. H.; Rogers, J. A. & Brown, K. B.
August 5, 1946
Primary view of Mass Spectrometric Observation of C14
Ingrham, Mark G.
August 14, 1946
Primary view of The Charge on Uranium(VI) in Acid Solution
King, Edward L.
August 15, 1946
Primary view of Process Monitor, Mark 10, Model 20
Jesse, William P.
August 17, 1946
Primary view of The Effects of Fast Neutrons on the Ability of Mice to Take Forced Exercise
Stapleton, G. K. & Curtis, H. J.
August 22, 1946
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