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Primary view of Preliminary Summary Report on the Proposed University of Florida Training Reactor at Gainesville, Florida
Duncan, J. M.
August 1957
Primary view of Dynamic B and n-Behavior Up to 7600 Gauss in Magnet Model Mark Ii Comparison of Results With Long and Small Grad Coils
Henri, Victor Philippe & Nysater, H.
August 13, 1957
Primary view of Vaporization Processes in a Runaway Reactor
Brewer, Leo, 1919-2005
August 4, 1959
Primary view of Heat Transfer Fluids for Fuel Element Cans
Brewer, Leo, 1919-2005
August 4, 1959
Primary view of Fate of Fission Product Gases in the Coolant Stream
Brewer, Leo, 1919-2005
August 4, 1959
Primary view of Melting Point of Th-U-C Fuel Elements
Brewer, Leo, 1919-2005
August 3, 1959
Primary view of Technical Progress Report, University of Illinois, Graduate College, Digital Computer Laboratory, August 1959
Taub, A. H., 1911-1999
August 1959
Primary view of An error Analysis of R-C Timers
Stromberg, R. P. (Robert P.)
August 27, 1954
Primary view of Behavior of Transistors in a Magnetic Field
Sander, Howard H.
August 11, 1954
Primary view of A Discussion on the Layout of Elements of a Control Panel
Beeler, J. R.
August 1, 1955
Primary view of Vapor Traps for Handling Liquid Sodium
Erickson, A. J.; Gregory, C. L. & Lang, P. M.
August 25, 1951
Primary view of Progress Report No. 37 for the Period June 1, 1955 through August 31, 1955
August 31, 1955
Primary view of Underground Movement of Radioactive Wastes
Kaufman, Warren J., 1922-; Orcutt, Richard G., 1924- & Klein, Gerhard, 1918-1987
August 1, 1955
Primary view of Crystal Structures and Atomic Volumes of the Elements
McMillan, W. G.
August 12, 1955
Primary view of Photocathode and Reflector Effects n Relative Pulse Height Measurements
Hayes, F. Newton (Francis Newton), 1924- & Rogers, Betty S
August 1954
Primary view of The PH Measurement of Uranyl Sulfate Solutions From 25' To 60'C
Orban, Edward
August 1, 1952
Primary view of The PH of Uranyl Sulfate-Uranium Trioxide Solutions (Information Report)
Orban, Edward
August 14, 1952
Primary view of The Development of Fixed Screen Resin-In-Pulp Devices
Charles, W. D.; Thorpe, D. F.; Lower, G. W.; Kaufman, David; Schiff, Norman N.; Abrams, Charles S. et al.
August 5, 1954
Primary view of Recovery of Uranium From High Grade Australian Rum Jungle Uranium Ore
George, D'Arcy R.
August 22, 1952
Primary view of A Fast Neutron Time of Flight System for Use With Cyclotrons
Fulbright, H.W.; Verba, J. W.; Deshpande, V. K. & Hamann, A. K.
August 16, 1962
Primary view of A Simplified Description of Spherical and Cylindrical Blast Waves
Friedman, M. P.
August 1, 1960
Primary view of Measurement of the Wolfenstein Parameter R at 210 Mev.
Gibson, W. A.; England, A. C. (Alan Coulter), 1932-; Heer, E. & Tinlot, J. H.
August 1, 1960
Primary view of Precise Measurements of the Mean Lives of µ+ and µ- Mesons in Carbon
Reiter, Richard A.
August 1960
Primary view of Utilization of Radiactive Isotpoes in Coal Process Research
Yavorsky, P. M. & Gorin, E.
August 15, 1960
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