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Primary view of Patent of Invention--Gr 5--Cl.3--Bearing
Fulpius, Edward
October 28, 1925
Primary view of Selected Russian Papers on Geochemical Prospecting for Ores
Sokoloff, V. P.; Hawkes, H. E. (Herbert Edwin), 1912-1996; Ratsbaum, E. A.; Sergeev, Evgeniĭ (Evgeniĭ Aleksandrovich); Sergeev, Evgeniĭ (Evgeniĭ Aleksandrovich); Sergeev, Evgeniĭ (Evgeniĭ Aleksandrovich) et al.
Primary view of The Conversion of UF4 to U3Os
Tevebaugh, A. D.; Tevebaugh, R. D.; Cline, W. D. & Warf, James C.
May 28, 1941
Primary view of The Use of Sodium Diethyl Dithiocarbamate as a Reagent for the Determination of T
Jones, A. G.
Primary view of Vanadium Deposits in the Carrizo Mountains District, Navajo Indian Reservation, Northeastern Arizona and Northwestern New Mexico
Duncan, Donald C. & Stokes, William Lee
Primary view of An Attempted Separation of Mercury Isotopes
Kauzmann, Walter, 1916-
April 30, 1942
Primary view of Capture Cross Section of Si for Thermal Neutrons
Coon, J. H.
May 6, 1942
Primary view of Vanadium-Bearing Phosphatic Shale in West-Central Wyoming and Southeastern Idaho
Rubey, William Walden & McKelvey, V. E.
July 23, 1942
Primary view of The Extraction Method of Purification of Uranyl Nitrate
Myers, L. S., Jr.; Anderson, K. C.; Wexler, Sol & Boyd, G. E.
August 28, 1942
Primary view of On Certain Phase Equilibria in the Ternary System Uranyl Nitrate--Ether--Water at 25° and at 1°C
Van Name, Ralph Gibbs
October 22, 1942
Primary view of Effect of Temperature on the Surface of Cast Uranium Metal
Johns, I. B; Newton, A. S. & Gladrow, E. M.
December 3, 1942
Primary view of Memorandum regarding vanadium ore production in the Colorado and Utah vanadium producing region
Fischer, R. P.
Primary view of The Toxicity of Fluorine
Ferry, J. L.
Primary view of The Vapor Phase Hydrolysis of the Trichlorides of Lanthanum, Praseodymium, Samarium, and Americium
Broido, Abraham
Primary view of Preliminary Report on High Concentration Deuterium by Catalytic Exchange Reactions
Mayer, Harris & Bonner, Robert
February 4, 1943
Primary view of Optimum Design of Catalytic Towers
Mayer, Harris
March 13, 1943
Primary view of Report on the Coyote area district, Dolores Plateau area, Colorado
Wardwell, Henry Russel, 1913-
April 1943
Primary view of Memorandum Listing the Areas in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico that are Geologically Favorable for Developing Large Reserves of Vanadium Ore by Prospecting
Fischer, R. P.
April 10, 1943
Primary view of Improved Directions for the Preparation of X(OC₂H₅)₅
Gilman, Henry
April 12, 1943
Primary view of Metallurgical Laboratory, Chemical Research - Radiation Chemistry, Report for the Month Ending May 15, 1943
Franck, J.
May 15, 1943
Primary view of The Biologic Effects of Radiation ; Training Program Lecture Notes
Cantril, Simeon T.
May 17, 1943
Primary view of Chemical Research -- U233 Production and Extraction; Report for the Month Ending June 21, 1943
Franck, J.
June 21, 1943
Primary view of Fluorocarbons : Final Report on O.S.R.D. Research at Purdue University
McBee, Earl Thurston
July 1943
Primary view of Polarographic Determination of Uranium in Dust Samples
Smith, Stanton B.
August 30, 1943
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