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Primary view of The Lindemann and Grüneisen Laws
Gilvarry, J. J. (John James), |1917-
March 23, 1955
Primary view of Fundamentals of Glass-to-Metal Bonding. [Part] 5-A. Temperature and Pressure Dependence of the Wettability of Metals by Glass. [Part] 5-B. Reactions of Tantalum and sodium Silicate Glass. Technical Report No. 5
Fulrath, Richard M.; Mitoff, Stephan P. & Pask, Joseph A. (Joseph Adam), 1913-2003.
June 24, 1955
Primary view of Studies of Thorium X Applied to Human Skin. IV. Clinical and Autoradiographic Findings Following the Introduction by Iontophoresis
Fleischmajer, Raul & Witten, Victor H.
June 1955
Primary view of High Altitude Cosmic Ray Neutron Intensity Variations
Soberman, Robert K.
July 1, 1955
Primary view of Gas Plated Coatings on Metals and Alloys : Progress Report No. 6 and Final Report
Nack, Herman; Bulloff, Jack J. & Whitacre, John R.
June 5, 1953
Primary view of Gas Plated Coatings on Metals and Alloys : Progress Report No. 5
Nack, Herman; Bulloff, Jack J. & Whitacre, John R.
July 6, 1953
Primary view of Gas Plated Coatings on Metals and Alloys : Progress Report No. 1
Nack, Herman & Whitacre, John R.
March 11, 1953
Primary view of Equipment and Preliminary Results for the Leaching of UO2 in a Basic Carbonate Circuit
Pearson, Ray L.; Mackay, Theron L.; Wadsworth, Milton E. & Fassell, W. Martin, Jr.
May 1955
Primary view of Automatic Thermogravimetric Analysis in Ceramics
Hyatt, Edmond P. (Edmond Preston), 1923-; Cutler, Ivan B., 1924-; Fassell, W. Martin, Jr. & Wadsworth, Milton E.
Primary view of Relation Between Bacteremia and Death in Mice following X-Ray and Thermal Column Exposures
Boone, Irene U.; Woodward, Kent T. & Harris, Payne S.
Primary view of Pulsed Photomultipliers for Fast Scintillation Counting
Singer, Sidney; Neher, Leland K. & Ruehle, Robert A.
Primary view of The Decomposition of Solid Barium Nitrate by Gamma Rays
LeMar, Lawrence E.
Primary view of Grüneisen's Law and the Fusion Curve at High Pressure
Gilvarry, J. J. (John James), 1917-
April 11, 1955
Primary view of Equation of State of Water
Latter, Albert L. & Latter, Richard
May 23, 1955
Primary view of Detection of Airborne Beryllium Dust : Monthly Report Covering the Period from May1 to June 1, 1955
McCarty, R. G.
June 14, 1955
Primary view of Line Broadening by Electrons : the Validity of Simple Theories
Meyerott, Roland Edward & Margenau, Henry, 1901-1997.
May 9, 1955
Primary view of Laboratory Scale Abrasive Tests on Ion Exchange Resins
Ladner, Hugh A. & Lower, George W.
July 28, 1954
Primary view of The Development of Fixed Screen Resin-In-Pulp Devices
Charles, W. D.; Thorpe, D. F.; Lower, G. W.; Kaufman, David; Schiff, Norman N.; Abrams, Charles S. et al.
August 5, 1954
Primary view of Field Work Performed at Monticello, Utah, Including Stockpile Amenability and Ion Exchange
Moulton, Harry D.
unknown creation date
Primary view of Pilot Plant Tests on Anaconda Ore From the Grants District, Grants, New Mexico
Hollis, R. F.; Abrams, Charles S.; McArthur, C. K.; Izzo, T. F. & Wilson, H.
July 22, 1954
Primary view of Utex Ore Stockpiled at Monticello
Moulton, Harry D.
July 19, 1954
Primary view of Vanadium Salt Roasting Studies
Stanley, Alan
unknown creation date
Primary view of The Chemistry of Vanadium: A Summary of the Non-Project Literature Through November, 1952
Frank, Andrew J.
June 25, 1954
Primary view of Ion Exchange of Grants Acid Leach Liquors
Thorpe, D. F.; Schiff, Norman N.; Pickwick, F. J.; Cole, J. W. & Lynch, J. T.
July 30, 1954
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