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Primary view of COMP: a BASIC language nonlinear least-squares curve fitting program
Thomas, J. M.; Cochran, M. I.; Watson, C. R. & Eberhardt, L. L.
November 1, 1977
Primary view of Pion correlations as a function of atomic mass in heavy ion collisions
Chacon, A.D.
November 26, 1989
Primary view of Status Report on the Argonne Advanced Research Reactor
Lennox, D. H.; Barts, E. W.; Batch, R. V.; Beyer, F. C.; Jorgensen, G. L.; Kelber, C. N. et al.
November 1, 1961
Primary view of Magnetic field, closed orbit, and energy measurement in the Bevatron
Crebbin, K. C.
November 1, 1981
Primary view of Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project Monthly Report
Dennis, B.S. (comp.)
November 1, 1989
Primary view of BRAZING OF CERAMICS. Progress Report
Fox, C.W.
November 1, 1962
Primary view of Cost Function Studies for Power Reactors
Heestand, J. & Wos, L.T.
November 1, 1961
Primary view of Feasibility study of geothermal heating, Modoc Lassen housing project
unknown creator
November 1, 1981
Primary view of Fusion utilization projections in the United States energy economy
Powell, J.R. & Fillo, J.A.
November 1, 1979
Primary view of Enhanced durability and reactivity for zinc ferrite desulfurization sorbent
Jha, Mahesh C. & Berggren, Mark H.
November 14, 1988
Primary view of Digital SLIFER Recorder, Model A. [Underground nuclear explosions]
Breding, D.R.; Fogel, D.; Loukota, J.J.; Worthen, G.S. & Watterberg, J.P.
November 1, 1977
Primary view of Community interviews task report: Working draft: BWIP (Basalt Waste Isolation Project) Repository Project
Bolton, P.A.
November 1, 1987
Primary view of Results of the radiological survey at 12 Long Valley Road, Lodi, New Jersey (LJ054)
Foley, R.D.; Floyd, L.M. & Carrier, R.F.
November 1, 1989
Primary view of New Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation for Monoenergetic Neutron Transport in Spherical Geometry
Kofink, W.
November 17, 1961
Primary view of Geothermal project description: LLL experimental site Salton Sea geothermal field
Palmer, T.D. & Towse, D.F.
November 7, 1975
Primary view of ACORN: a computer program for plotting fault trees. [In FORTRAN for CDC Cyber 74]
Carter, J. L.
November 1, 1977
Primary view of Investigation of impurity radiation from a well diganosed, laser heated plasma sample. Final report
Crawford, E.; Quimby, D.; Hoffman, A. & Pietrzyk, Z.A.
November 1, 1977
Primary view of Efficiencies of gas neutralizers for multi-MeV beams of light negative ions
Grisham, L. R.; Post, D. E.; Johnson, B. M.; Jones, K. W.; Barette, J.; Kruse, T. H. et al.
November 1, 1981
Primary view of General multi-configuration Hartree--Fock program: MCHF77. [In FORTRAN (double precision) for IBM 360 and 370]
Fischer, C F
November 1, 1977
Primary view of Mass Transfer Coefficients and Interfacial Area in a One Stage Pulse Column
Konopik, A. E. & Burkhart, L.
November 1, 1960
Primary view of Investigations of the Natural Fission Reactor Program. Progress report, October 1976--September 1977
Apt, K.E. (ed.)
November 1, 1977
Primary view of Ocean thermal difference power plant turbine design
Ambs, L. L. & Marshall, J.
November 1, 1973
Primary view of Preliminary design of a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) channel for the U. S. S. R. U-25 facility. Final report
Brogan, T R; Aframe, A M & Hill, J
November 1, 1974
Primary view of Multiperipheral ring dynamics and a definition of the complete twisted Reggeon loop. [Diagonalization, naturality, threshold behavior, Regge cuts, complex helicity]
Lucht, P.H.
November 1, 1977
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