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Primary view of Hydrogen bonding in asphaltenes and coal. Progress report, March 1, 1977--August 31, 1977
Li, N. C. & Tewari, K. C.
August 1, 1977
Primary view of Environmental monitoring at major U. S. Energy Research and Development Administration contractor sites: calendar year 1976. Volume 2
unknown creator
August 1, 1977
Primary view of Stirling total energy systems study. Final report, May 15, 1976--June 13, 1977
Lehrfeld, D.
August 1, 1977
Primary view of Low temperature and neutron physics studies. Progress report, September 1976--August 1977. [MIT Research Reactor]
Schull, C.G.
August 1, 1977
Primary view of Physicochemical Studies of the Carbamate-CO/sub 2/-Solvent System
Prencipe, M. & Ishida, T.
August 1, 1977
Primary view of Measurement and analysis of flow wall shear stress in an interior subchannel of triangular array rods. [LMFBR]
Fakori-Monazah, M.R. & Todreas, N.E.
August 1, 1977
Primary view of Optimal Linfinity estimates for some Galerkin methods for the Dirichlet problem
Goldstein, C I & Scott, R
August 1, 1977
Primary view of Studies of heavy ion reactions and transuranic nuclei. Progress report, June 1, 1976--August 31, 1977. [Summaries of research activities at University of Rochester]
Huizenga, J. R.
August 1, 1977
Primary view of The Physician Shortage in Rural America
Kline, Janet
August 14, 1970
Primary view of Report on United States Relations with Panama. 1977
Morgan, Thomas E
August 11, 1977
Primary view of Mineral Resources of the United States Continental Shelf: Some Common Questions
Siehl, George H.
August 7, 1970
Primary view of A Proposed Congressional General Counsel
Sharp, Freeman W.
August 27, 1971
Primary view of Congress and the Reversion of Okinawa
Niksch, Larry A.
August 13, 1970
Primary view of Energy Development: Selected, Annotated References, July 1969-1970
Prihods, Cheryl
August 10, 1970
Primary view of Conscientious Objection and the Constitution: "Welsh v. United States" and Beyond
Killian, Johny H.
August 14, 1970
Primary view of Preliminary Bibliography on the 1978-79 Intercollegiate Debate Topic.
Roth, Dennis & Beske, Kurt
August 15, 1978
Primary view of Ethnic Groups and American Politics: Selected References
Downing, Paul
August 21, 1970
Primary view of Production of K$sup +$K$sup -$ and p anti-p Pairs in Four-Body Reactions at 13.1 GeV/C
Gaidos, J. A.; Mulera, T. A.; Ezell, C.R.; Lamsa, J.W. & Willmann, R.B.
August 31, 1971
Primary view of Energy use in Japan and the United States
Doernberg, A
August 1, 1977
Primary view of CDC 7600 LTSS programming stratagens: preparing your first production code for the Livermore Timesharing System
Fong, K. W.
August 15, 1977
Primary view of Solar powered desiccant air conditioning system. Phase II. Quarterly progress report
Lunde, P.J.
August 1, 1975
Primary view of Industrial fuel gas demonstration plant program. Overall program plan for Task IX. Technical support. Volume I. Plan, schedule and organization. (Deliverable No. 46)
unknown creator
August 1, 1978
Primary view of ANNUAL REPORT, 1970
unknown creator
August 31, 1971
Primary view of Ordered S-matrix approach to the topological expansion for baryons and mesons. [Ordered Hilbert space, Reggeon closed loops]
Stapp, Henry P.
August 16, 1977
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