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Primary view of Problems of Welfare Reform
Arner, Frederick B.
August 4, 1971
Primary view of Plowshare sequential device test
Ballou, L. B.
August 2, 1971
Primary view of Duties of a congressman by the honorable Edward R. Finnegan in extension of remarks of the honorable Barratt O'Hara January 14,1963
Barratt O'Hara
August 1971
Primary view of Equipment Capability Study of the Mettler DWA Automatic Filling Balance
Boerger, J. J. & Madachy, J. S.
August 27, 1971
Primary view of Comparison of calculated and experimental reactivities of SNAP reactors
Bost, D.S.
August 1, 1971
Primary view of INCLUSIVE YIELDS OF $pi$$sup +$, $pi$$sup -$, K$sup +$, AND K$sup -$ FROM H$sub 2$ PHOTOPRODUCED AT 18 GeV AT FORWARD ANGLES.
Boyarski, A.M.; Coward, D.; Ecklund, S.; Richter, B.; Sherden, D.; Siemann, R. et al.
August 23, 1971
Primary view of Use of Interacting Computing at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.
Colonias, John S.
August 1971
Primary view of Resolved,That More Stringent Control Should be Imposed Upon Government Agencies Gathering Information About U.S. Citizens: A Preliminary Bibliography on the Intercollegiate Debate Topic, 1971-1972
Dmyer, Paul E. & Hodges, Ann E.
August 1971
Primary view of Federal Funds For Research and Development for Civil Power, Fiscal Years 1966-1972
Donnelly, Warren H.
August 30, 1971
Primary view of An Analog Method for Measuring the Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of a Relativistic Particle Beam With Its Environmnet
Faltens, A.; Hartvig, E. C.; Mohl, D. & Sessler, A. M.
August 1, 1971
Primary view of Production of K$sup +$K$sup -$ and p anti-p Pairs in Four-Body Reactions at 13.1 GeV/C
Gaidos, J. A.; Mulera, T. A.; Ezell, C.R.; Lamsa, J.W. & Willmann, R.B.
August 31, 1971
Primary view of Questions and Answers on Environmental Pollution Related to Livestock Production
Hagen, Carl A.
August 4, 1971
Primary view of Flammable Fabrics Legislation and Its Implementation: A Brief Review
Hall, Marian D.
August 16, 1971
Primary view of Legislation Relating to the Control of Drug Abuse, 92nd Congress
Hogan, Harry
August 12, 1971
Primary view of Federal Legislation, Federal Programs and NonGovernment Organizations Concerning the control and Prevention of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
Howard, Evelyn
August 25, 1971
Primary view of The Constitutional Basis for Wage-Price Controls: The Power of the President to Impose a Freeze on Wages, Prices, Salaries, and Rents. Copies of the Authorizing Legislation and the Implementing Executive Order are Appended
Killian, Johnny H.
August 17, 1971
Primary view of Social Science Policies: An Annotated List Of Recent Literature -- Addendum
Knezo, Genevieve J.
August 4, 1971
Primary view of The New Economic Policy
Knight, Edward & Brady, Margaret
August 30, 1971
Primary view of Automated Analysis of Hypophosphite in Electroless Nickel Solutions.
Lantz, L. L.
August 1, 1971
Primary view of Tax Expenditures and the Tax Reform Act of 1969
Leibowitz, George J.
August 30, 1971
Primary view of The Pentagon Papers as Described by the American Press: Summaries of Major Newspaper Articles
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service. Foreign Affairs Division
August 6, 1971
Primary view of Legalized Gambling in the United States
Murray, Marie
August 11, 1971
Primary view of The Use of rf-Knockout for Determination of the Characteristics of the Transverse Coherent Instability of an Intense Beam
Möhl, Dieter & Sessler, Andrew M.
August 1971
Primary view of Hanford radiochemical site decommissioning demonstration program
Nelson, D.C.
August 1, 1971
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