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Primary view of The Retirement of the National Debt: Will It Increase the Economic Size of the Federal Government?
Labonte, Marc & Makinen, Gail
August 17, 2000
Primary view of Appropriations for FY2001: Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education
Irwin, Paul M.
August 17, 2000
Primary view of Human Cloning
Johnson, Judith A. & Williams, Erin D.
August 17, 2004
Primary view of Airline Passenger Rights Legislation in the 107th Congress
Kirk, Robert S.
August 17, 2001
Primary view of Al Qaeda: Profile and Threat Assessment
Katzman, Kenneth
August 17, 2005
Primary view of Federal Financial Services Regulatory Consolidation: An Overview
Eubanks, Walter W.
August 17, 2005
Primary view of Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies: FY2006 Appropriations
Hardy Vincent, Carol & Boren, Susan
August 17, 2005
Primary view of The First Day of a New Congress: A Guide to Proceedings on the House Floor
Amer, Mildred L.
August 17, 2005
Primary view of Time Histories of Horizontal-Tail Loads, Elevator Loads, and Deformations on a Jet-Powered Bomber Airplane During Wind-Up Turns at Approximately 15,000 Feet and 22,500 Feet
McGowan, William A.
August 17, 1950
Primary view of Lift Hysteresis at Stall as an Unsteady Boundary-Layer Phenomenon
Moore, Franklin K.
August 17, 1955
Primary view of Spectra and diffusion in a round turbulent jet
Corrsin, Stanley & Uberoi, Mahinder S.
August 17, 1949
Primary view of Formation and Combustion of Smoke in Laminar Flames
Schalla, Rose L.; Clark, Thomas P. & McDonald, Glen E.
August 17, 1954
Primary view of Effect of an Autopilot Sensitive to Yawing Velocity on the Lateral Stability of the Douglas D-558-II Airplane
Gates, Ordway B., Jr. & Sternfield, Leonard
August 17, 1950
Primary view of Large-Scale Flight Measurements of Zero-Lift Drag at Mach Numbers from 0.90 to 1.95 of 1/14-Scale Model of the Northrop MX-775B Pilotless Aircraft with Small Body
Gillespie, Warren, Jr. & Arbic, Richard G.
August 17, 1950
Primary view of Investigation of a triangular wing in conjunction with a fuselage and horizontal tail to determine downwash and longitudinal-stability characteristics: transonic bump method
Allen, Edwin C.
August 17, 1951
Primary view of Free-Spinning-Tunnel Investigation to Determine the Effect of Two Nose Designs on Spin and Recovery Characteristics of a 1/20-Scale Model of the McDonnel XF3H-1 Airplane: TED No. NACA DE 343
Wilson, Jack H.
August 17, 1951
Primary view of Weight-flow and thrust limitations due to use of rotating combustors in a turbojet engine
Lezberg, Erwin A.; Blackshear, Perry L., Jr. & Rayle, Warren D.
August 17, 1956
Primary view of An Investigation of the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a 1/10-Size Powered Dynamic Model of the Martin M-267 Patrol-Type Seaplane with Two Forebody Configurations: TED No. NACA DE 376
Mottard, Elmo J. & Coffee, Claude W., Jr.
August 17, 1954
Primary view of Visualization of rotor tip secondary flows with blade tip air discharge and suction in a low-speed turbine
Kofskey, Milton G. & Allen, Hubert W.
August 17, 1956
Primary view of Performance Characteristics of an Axial-Flow Transonic Compressor Operating Up to Tip Relative Inlet Mach Number of 1.34
Creagh, John W. R.
August 17, 1956
Primary view of Experimental investigation of a transonic compressor rotor with a 1.5-inch chord length and an aspect ratio of 3.0 3: blade-element and over-all performance at three solidity levels
Tysl, Edward R. & Schwenk, Francis C.
August 17, 1956
Primary view of Static longitudinal and lateral stability characteristics including effects of transonic area rule and wing modification of a 0.10-scale model of the Douglas A4D-1 airplane at transonic speeds: TED No. NACA AD 3114
Wornom, Dewey E. & Bollech, Thomas V.
August 17, 1956
Primary view of A Theory for Primary Failure of Straight Centrally Loaded Columns
Lundquist, Eugene E. & Fligg, Claude M.
August 17, 1936
Primary view of Relation of Hydrogen and Methane to Carbon Monoxide in Exhaust Gases From Internal-Combustion Engines
Gerrish, Harold C. & Tessmann, Arthur M.
August 17, 1933
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