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Primary view of Analytical Chemistry Division Semiannual Progress Report for Period Ending April 20, 1954
Kelley, M. T.; Susano, C. D. & Raaen, H. P.
July 5, 1956
Primary view of Fabrication of Heat Exchangers and Radiators for High Temperature Reactor Applications
Patriarca, P; Slaughter, G. M.; Manly, W. D.; Heestand, R. L.; Clausing, R. K.; Conner, O. K. et al.
July 5, 1955
Primary view of Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project Quarterly Progress Report For Period Ending June 10, 1955
Jordan, W. H.; Cromer, S. J.; Strough, R. I.; Miller, A. J. & Savolainen, A. W.
July 28, 1955
Primary view of Homogenous Reactor Project Quarterly Progress Report For Period Ending April 30, 1955
McDuffie, H. F. & Kelly, D. C.
July 14, 1955
Primary view of Diffusion of Ions in a Plasma Across a Magnetic Field
Simon, Albert & Neidign, Rodger V.
July 1955
Primary view of Determination of Plutonium and Uranium in Scrup Dissolver Solutions
Foster, R. W.; Cooper, J. H. & Raaen, H. P.
July 14, 1955
Primary view of Chemical Engineering Division Summary Report for January, February, and March 1957
Lawroski, Stephen; Rodger, W. A.; Vogel, R. C. & Munnecke, V. H.
July 1957
Primary view of Reactor Engineering Division Quarterly Report Section I January, February, March. 1956
Members of the Reactor Engineering Division
July 1956
Primary view of FMPC Solvent Treatment Area - Process Design
Pfeiffer, Carl & Maerker, John B.
July 6, 1951
Primary view of Soduim Graphite Reactor, Quarterly Progress Report, September-November 1953
Inman, G. M.
July 1, 1954
Primary view of The Alco Products Inc. Criticality Facility : Description and Operation
Noaks, John W.
July 16, 1958
Primary view of A Study of Uranium Deposits in the Copper Mountain Area: Fremont and Hot Springs Counties, Wyoming
Loomis, Tom H. W. & Marks, Lawrence Y.
July 1957
Primary view of Results of exploration at Lost Creek schroeckingerite deposit, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, July 1951-February 1952: an interim report
Sheridan, Douglas M.; Collier, John T. & Sears, Richard S.
July 1952
Primary view of Uranium content of ground and surface waters in western Kansas, eastern Colorado, and the Oklahoma Panhandle
Landis, Edwin R.
July 1956
Primary view of Localization of uranium minerals in channel sediments at the base of the Shinarump conglomerate, Monument Valley, Arizona
Witkind, Irving Jerome
July 1954
Primary view of Petrographic study of sandstone of the Inyan Kara group (Cretaceous) and associated rocks in the Black Hills, Wyoming and South Dakota
Bergenback, R. E.; Chisholm, Wayne A. & Mapel, W. J.
July 1957
Primary view of Studies on the chemical behavior of uranium minerals and compounds : topical report
Watson, W. I.; Hoffman, C. J. & Bullwinkel, E. P.
July 1955
Primary view of Photogeologic map, Stinking Spring Creek-13 quadrangle, Emery County, Utah
Bates, C. E.
July 1952
Primary view of An interim report on the Lone Pine, California airborne survey
Mallory, Neil S. & Richards, Arthur J.
July 1, 1956
Primary view of Investigations of Domestic Radioactive Raw Materials, Beryllium, and Other Trace Elements Monthly Report: June 1951
Geological Survey (U.S.). Trace Elements Office.
Primary view of Investigation of the radioactive minerals in the black sands of the Del Monte glass sand deposits, Pacific Grove, California
Towle, Charles C.
July 1950
Primary view of Possibilities for Uranium in Indonesia
Judd, Edward K.
July 1958
Primary view of Possibilities for Additional Uranium in Belgian Congo
Judd, Edward K.
July 1959
Primary view of Reconnaissance for Uranium in Spain (1955-1957)
Keys, W. S. & Henderson, James G.
July 9, 1959
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