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Primary view of Decommissioning of DMA equipment at Richland. Quarterly status report for period ending June 30, 1974
unknown creator
July 1, 1974
Primary view of Structure analysis of OmpC, one of the major proteins in the outer membrane of E. coli, by high resolution electron microscopy
Chang, C.F.
July 1, 1983
Primary view of Multiple-quantum NMR studies of spin clusters in liquid crystals and zeolites
Pearson, J. (California Univ., Berkeley, CA (United States). Dept. of Chemistry Lawrence Berkeley Lab., CA (United States))
July 1, 1991
Primary view of Blowup of a weak beam due to interaction with a strong beam in an electron storage ring
Kheifets, S.
July 1, 1983
Primary view of Low temperature and neutron physics studies: Final progress report, March 1, 1986--May 31, 1987
Shull, C.G.
July 27, 1989
Primary view of Development of materials for open-cycle MHD. Quarterly report for the period ending March 1983
Marchant, D.D. & Bates, J.L.
July 1, 1983
Primary view of Development and application of a Permit Information System for Shale Oil (PERMISSO). Final report, June 1978--May 1979
unknown creator
July 1, 1979
Primary view of Method of inspecting Raschig rings by neutron absorption counting
Morris, R.N.; Murri, R.L. & Hume, M.W.
July 27, 1979
Primary view of Hydrogeochemical and stream sediment reconnaissance of the National Uranium Resource Evaluation Program primarily for the Rocky Mountain states of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, and the State of Alaska. Semiannual progress report, October 1978-March 1979
Aamodt, P. L.; Bunker, M. E.; Waterbury, G. R. & Waller, R. A.
July 1, 1979
Primary view of Observation of stimulated brillouin scattering in a microwave plasma interaction emperiment
Huey, H. E.; Mase, A. & Luhmann, N. C. Jr.
July 1, 1979
Primary view of A D-He/sup 3/ fusion reactor based on a dipole magnetic field
Hasegawa, Akira & Chen, Liu
July 1, 1989
Primary view of Sampling the Fermi-Dirac density
Cashwell, E.D. & Everett, C.J.
July 1, 1979
Primary view of Overview of the biomedical and environmental programs at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. [Lead abstract]
Pfuderer, H.A. & Moody, J.B. (comps.)
July 1, 1981
Primary view of Review of composite material applications in the automotive industry for the electric and hybrid vehicle. Annual report, November 1978
Bauer, J.L.
July 1, 1979
Primary view of Some features of Rayleigh scattering from light atoms and ions
Parker, J.C. & Pratt, R.H.
July 18, 1979
Primary view of FASTBUS Diagnostic Language users manual. Version 3(74)
Lesny, D.
July 1, 1983
Primary view of Technical assistance. Final report, 15 August 1978-14 July 1979
Culver, G.
July 14, 1979
Primary view of Energy savings by means of fuel cell electrodes in electro-chemical industries. Progress report, February 1, 1979-April 30, 1979
Allen, R.J.; Juda, W. & Lindstrom, R.W.
July 10, 1979
Primary view of Direct use applications of geothermal resources at Desert Hot Springs, California. Final report, May 23, 1977--July 31, 1978. Volume II: appendixes
Christiansen, C. C.
July 1978
Primary view of Semi-annual report on strategic special nuclear material inventory differences
unknown creator
July 1, 1979
Primary view of Possible future environmental issues for fossil fuel technologies. Final report
Attaway, L.D.
July 1, 1979
Primary view of Two-stage precipitation of neptunium (IV) oxalate
Luerkens, D. W.
July 1, 1983
Primary view of Proton linear accelerators: A theoretical and historical introduction
Lapostolle, P.M.
July 1, 1989
Primary view of Objectives and strategies of the International Photovoltaic Program Plan
Costello, D.; Posner, D.; Koontz, R.; Heiferling, P.; Carpenter, P. & Perelman, L.
July 1, 1979
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