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Primary view of 0.52eV Quaternary InGaAsSb Thermophotovoltaic Diode Technology
Dashiell, M. W.; Beausang, J. F.; Nichols, G.; Depoy, D. M.; Danielson, L. R.; Ehsani, H. et al.
June 9, 2004
Primary view of 1- and 2-D computer analysis of an HDL stress wave switch, 1974, June 25
Mahler, J.
June 25, 1974
Primary view of 1-MWE Heat Exchangers for OTEC Final Design Report
Sprouse, A.M.
June 19, 1980
Primary view of 2.1 Pan-WCRP Monsoon Modelling Workshop Summary
Sperber, K R
June 28, 2005
Primary view of 2, Pulse-mode expansions and refractive indices in plane-wave propagation
Shore, B. W.; Sacks, R.; Karr, T.; Morris, J. & Paisner, J. A.
June 20, 1987
Primary view of 3-D Seismic Experimentation and Advanced Processing/Inversion Development for Investigations of the Shallow Subsurface
Levander, Alan R.
June 1, 2005
Primary view of 3-D Spectral Induced Polarization (IP) Imaging: Non-Invasive Characterization Of Contaminant Plumes
Morgan, Dale F.; Lesmes, David P.; Rodi, William; Shi, Weiqun; Frye, Kevin, M. & Sturrock, John
June 1, 1997
Primary view of 3-D Spectral IP Imaging: Non-Invasive Characterization DE FG02 96ER 14714
Morgan, F. Dale; Rodi, William & Lesmes, David
June 1, 2000
Primary view of 3-D Spectral IP Imaging: Non-Invasive Characterization of Contaminant Plumes
Morgan, F. Dale; Rodi, William & Lesmes, David
June 1, 1998
Primary view of 3-D Spectral IP Imaging: Non-Invasive Characterization of Contaminant Plumes. 1998 Annual Progress Report
Morgan, F. D.; Rodi, W. & Lesmes, D.
June 1, 1998
Primary view of 3 GeV Booster Synchrotron Conceptual Design Report
Wiedemann, Helmut
June 2, 2009
Primary view of 4-D High-Resolution Seismic Reflection Monitoring of Miscible CO2 Injected into a Carbonate Reservoir
Miller, Richard D.; Raef, Abdelmoneam E.; Byrnes, Alan P. & Harrison, William E.
June 30, 2007
Primary view of 4$pi$ detector for correlation experiments
Thorndike, A. M.
June 12, 1975
Primary view of 5 kWe reactor power distributions
Bost, D.S.
June 26, 1972
Primary view of 5 MW pulsed spallation neutron source, Preconceptual design study
unknown creator
June 1, 1994
Primary view of A 6.3 T Bend Magnet for the Advanced Light Source
Taylor, C. E. & Caspi, S.
June 7, 1995
Primary view of The 8-GeV transfer line injection into main ring
Yang, M. J.
June 1, 1995
Primary view of 9-{beta}-arabinofuranosyladenine preferentially sensitizes radioresistant squamous cell carcinoma cell lines to x-rays
Heaton, D.; Mustafi, R. & Schwartz, J. L.
June 1, 1992
Primary view of 10-MWe pilot-plant-receiver-panel test-requirements document: Solar Thermal Test Facility
unknown creator
June 10, 1978
Primary view of 14-plex Feasibility Report
Kotongan, Victoria Hazel
June 21, 2013
Primary view of A 20-year data set of surface longwave fluxes in the Arctic
Francis, Jennifer
June 15, 2004
Primary view of 24-Channel Geophone Array for Horizontal or Vertical Boreholes Quarterly Technical Report: January-March 2003
Westman, Erik C.
June 1, 2003
Primary view of A 30 MW, 200 MHz Inductive Output Tube for RF Accelerators
Ives, R. Lawrence & Read, Michael
June 19, 2008
Primary view of 45-day safety screen results and final report for tank 241-C-202, auger samples 95-Aug-026 and 95-Aug-027
Baldwin, J.H.
June 19, 1995
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