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Primary view of The National Safety Competition of 1929
Adams, William Waugh
May 1930
Primary view of Coal-Mine Fatalities in April, 1931
Adams, William Waugh & Chenoweth, L.
May 1931
Primary view of The Magnus Effect in Theory and in Reality
Ahlborn, F.
May 1930
Primary view of A simplified method for the calculation of airfoil pressure distribution
Allen, H. Julian
May 1939
Primary view of A Study of Transparent Plastics for use on Aircraft, Special Report
Axilrod, Benjamin M. & Kline, Gordon M.
May 12, 1937
Primary view of Tank Tests of a Model of the NC Flying-Boat Hull - N.A.C.A. Model 44
Bell, Joe W.
May 1936
Primary view of Effect of spark-timing regularity on the knock of engine performance
Biermann, Arnold E.
May 1938
Primary view of Heat transfer from cylinders having closely spaced fins
Biermann, Arnold E.
May 1937
Primary view of The Effect of Compressibility on Eight Full-Scale Propellers Operating in the Take-Off and Climbing Range
Biermann, David & Hartman, Edwin P.
May 18, 1938
Primary view of Procedure of the Purchasing and Supply Departments of the Miami Copper Company, Miami, Arizona
Bishop, Fred L. & Keller, Albert E.
May 1932
Primary view of Engineering Study of the Seminole Area, Seminole and Pottawatomie Counties, Oklahoma
Brandenthaler, R. R.; Morris, W. S. & Bopp, C. R.
May 1930
Primary view of Radiator Design and Installation
Brevoort, M. J. & Leifer, M.
May 1939
Primary view of The effect of air-passage length on the optimum fin spacing for maximum cooling
Brevoort, Maurice J.
May 1938
Primary view of Improved airplane windshields to provide vision in stormy weather
Clay, William C.
May 23, 1934
Primary view of Manganese: Its Occurrence, Milling, and Metallurgy; Part 1
Dean, Reginald S.; DeVaney, Fred D. & Coghill, Will H.
May 1934
Primary view of Full-scale drag tests of landing lamps
Dearborn, C. H.
May 1934
Primary view of Maneuverability investigation of the F6C-3 airplane with special flight instruments
Dearborn, C. H. & Kirschbaum, H. W.
May 23, 1930
Primary view of The Effect of Rivet Heads on the Characteristics of a 6 by 36 Foot Clark Y Metal Airfoil
Dearborn, Clinton H.
May 1933
Primary view of Relative loading on biplane wings of unequal chords
Diehl, Walter S.
May 18, 1934
Primary view of An Experimental Investigation of the Normal Acceleration of an Airplane Model in a Gust
Donely, Philip
May 1939
Primary view of Stability of Thin-Walled Tubes Under Torsion
Donnell, L. H.
May 5, 1933
Primary view of Computation of the two-dimensional flow in a laminar boundary layer
Dryden, Hugh L.
May 1934
Primary view of The effect of area aspect ratio on the yawing moments of rudders at large angles of pitch on three fuselages
Dryden, Hugh L. & Monish, B. H.
May 16, 1932
Primary view of Chief Characteristics and Advantages of Tailless Airplanes
Dufaure De Lajarte, A.
May 1936
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