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Primary view of Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence
United States. Department of Defense.
February 24, 2020
Primary view of NOAA's Artificial Intelligence Strategy
United States. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
February 2020
Primary view of American Artificial Intelligence Initiative: Year One Annual Report
Kratsios, Michael & Parker, Lynne E.
February 2020
Primary view of Trusting AI: Integrating Artificial Intelligence into the Army's Professional Expert Knowledge
Pfaff, C. Anthony; Lowrance, Christopher J.; Washburn, Bre M.; Carey, Brett A. & Evans, Carol V.
February 8, 2023
Primary view of An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Federal Judges
Baker, James E.; Hobart, Laurie & Mittelsteadt, Matthew
February 13, 2023
Primary view of Center for Drug Evaluation and Research: Artificial Intelligence in Drug Manufacturing
United States. Food and Drug Administration.
February 28, 2023
Primary view of Science and Tech Spotlight: Deepfakes
United States. Government Accountability Office. Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics.
February 2020
Primary view of Progress letter No. 11 for January 1, 1960 through January 31, 1960
Baron, Edeard H.
February 15, 1960
Primary view of Attempts to Delineate Inborn Anemias in Mice. Progress Report and Fifth Renewal Proposal, Report Period: January 10, 1959-January 31, 1960. Renewal Period: May 1, 1960-April 30, 1961
Russell, Elizabeth Shull, 1913-2001
February 16, 1960
Primary view of Progress Report for Period Covering January 15, 1960 - February 15, 1960
Petrow, Henry G.
February 15, 1960
Primary view of Results of Experiments Made With U.S.B.M. Electrocerium
Miner, William N.
February 26, 1959
Primary view of Particle Extraction III
Robinson, Kenneth W.
February 16, 1959
Primary view of Some Preliminary Considerations Concerning the Expected Ovel-All Expansion of Barium Titanate Ceramic
Kleinecke, D. C.
February 7, 1955
Primary view of Echelle Spectroscopy. Seventeenth Quarterly Progress Report
Harrison, George Russell, 1898-1979
February 15, 1956
Primary view of HRT Corrosion Samples -- Additional Data on Specimens Removed Prior to Run No. 20.
Baker, J. E.; Silverman, M. D.; Jenks, G. H. & Olsen, A. R.
February 2, 1961
Primary view of Determination of the Six Turbulent Reynolds' Stresses by the Hot Wire Method for Arbitrary Intensity and Geometry with Special Application to Axisymmetric Flow
Wichner, R. P. & Peebles, F. N.
February 21, 1961
Primary view of HFIR Beryllium Reflector Preliminary Design Report
Hilvety, Neil
February 21, 1961
Primary view of Interim Report - Status of Small Pipe and Tube Disconnects for MSRE Auxiliary Lines
Holz, P. P.
February 21, 1961
Primary view of Apparent Observations Ionic Sound Waves in an Arc Plasma
Alexeff, I. & Neidigh, R. V.
February 13, 1961
Primary view of Fuel-Cycle Analysis and Proposed Fuel and Burnable Poison Distribution and Loading for the HFIR and HFCE-2
Cheverton, R. D.
February 2, 1961
Primary view of Thermal Cycling Test of 3 1/2-in. and 4-in. Freeze Flanges
Moyers, J. C.
February 2, 1961
Primary view of Generalized Heat Conduction Code for the IBM-7090 Computer
Fowler, T. B.
February 9, 1961
Primary view of Equilibrium Adsorption of Krypton and Xenon on Activated Carbon and Linde Molecular Sieves
Ackley, R. D. & Browning, W. E., Jr.
February 14, 1961
Primary view of On the Translation of Boolean Expressions
Grau, A. A. & Bottenbruch, H. H.
February 9, 1961
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