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Primary view of The Library of the Future, How the heart of campus is transforming
Carlson, Scott
February 2022
Primary view of Sketching and checking quality for web archives: a first stage report from National Library of France (BnF)
Illien, Gildas
February 8, 2006
Primary view of Determination of Trivalent Uranium in Fluoride Salt Mixtures by the Modified Hydrogen Evolution Method
White, J. C.; Meyer, A. S., Jr.; Vaughan, W. F.; Ross, W. J. & Manning, D. L.
February 26, 1956
Primary view of Development of a Cubic Oxide Protective Film on Zirconium
Johnson, J. R.
February 21, 1956
Primary view of The Technology of Uranium Dioxide a Reactor Material
Johnson, J. R.; Doney, L. M.; Fulkerson, S. D.; Taylor, A. J.; Warde, J. M. & White, G. D.
February 21, 1956
Primary view of Chemical Separation of Isotopes Section Semiannual Progress Report for Period Ending June 30, 1955
Clewett, G. H. & Drury, J. S.
February 23, 1956
Primary view of Enthalpies and Heat Capacities of Solid and Molten Fluoride Mixtures
Powers, W. D. & Blalock, G. C.
February 1, 1956
Primary view of A Monte Carlo Estimation of the High Energy Neutron Flux Distribution in the ORNL Graphite Reactor
Moshman, Jack
February 23, 1955
Primary view of Stable Isotope Research and Production Division Semiannual Progress Report
Keim, C. P.
February 18, 1955
Primary view of Products Produced in Continuous Neuron Irradiation of Thorium
Gresky, A. T. & Arnold, E. D.
February 16, 1956
Primary view of Efficiency pf Multiple Traversal Targets
Courant, E.D.
February 5, 1962
Primary view of LRL Fortran-Fortran
Mendicino, S.; Storch, D. & Sutherland, G.
February 1964
Primary view of A Dynamic Method For Mercury Vapor Detector Calibration
Nelson, Gary O.; Van Sandt, Walter & Barry, Patrick
February 21, 1964
Primary view of Nuclear Excavation Technology
Nordyke, Milo D.
February 10, 1964
Primary view of Preburst Resistance and Temperature of Exploding Wires
Maninger, R. C.
February 24, 1964
Primary view of The Fate of Transfused H3 Thymidine Labeled Bone Marrow Cells in Irradiated Recipients
Fliedner, T. M.; Thomas, E. D.; Meyer, L. M. & Cronkite, E. P.
February 1, 1963
Primary view of The Mg-MgCl2 System — A Chronopotentiometric Study
Van Norman, John D. & Egan, James J.
February 1, 1968
Primary view of The Effects of Radiations of Different let on Early Responses in the Mammal
Bateman, J. L. & Bond, V. P.
February 1, 1963
Primary view of Use of a Digital Computer in the Development of a Positron Scanning Procedure
Robertson, James S. & Niell, Arcadio M.
February 1, 1963
Primary view of The Effects of Chronic Gamma Irradiation on the Growth of Kalanchoe cv. "Brilliant Star"
Stein, O. L. & Sparrow, A. H.
February 1, 1963
Primary view of Inelastic Interactions of 11.4 Bec/c π" Mesons in Hydrogen
Ferbel, T. & Taft, H.
February 1, 1963
Primary view of Chronic Excess Salt Consumption as an Etiologic Factor in Human Hypertension
Dahl, Lewis K.
February 1, 1963
Primary view of Possibilities and Limitations in the use of Tritiated Thymidine for in Vivo Cytokinetic Studies on Lymphoreticular Tissue
Cottier, H.; Odartchenko, N.; Feinendegen, L. E. & Bond, V. P.
February 1, 1963
Primary view of The Function of Bridging Groups in Electron-Transfer Reactions
Hush, N. S.
February 1, 1963
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