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Primary view of MeV Total Neutron Cross Sections
Schwartz, Robert B.; Schrack, Roald A. & Heaton, H. Thompson, Jr.
January 1974
Primary view of Standard Cells: Their Construction, Maintenance, and Characteristics
Hamer, Walter J.
January 15, 1965
Primary view of Colorimetry
Nimeroff, I.
January 1968
Primary view of BOLOVAC Systems for Measuring Electrical Quantities From 0.5 MHz Through Microwaves
Selby, Myron C.
January 1972
Primary view of Physical Properties Data for Rock Salt
Gevantman, L. H.; Lorenz, J.; Haas, J. L., Jr.; Clynne, M. A.; Schafer, C. M.; Potter, R. W., Jr. et al.
January 1981
Primary view of Curves of Input Impedance Change Due to Ground for Dipole Antennas
Vogler, L. E. & Noble, J. L.
January 31, 1964
Primary view of Analysis of Optically Excited Mercury Molecules
Drullinger, R. E.; Hessel, M. M. & Smith, E. W.
January 1975
Primary view of The Role of Standard Reference Materials in Measurement Systems
Cali, J. P.; Mears, T. W.; Michaelis, R. E.; Reed, W. P.; Seward, R. W.; Stanley, C., L. et al.
January 1975
Primary view of Liquid-in-Glass Thermometry
Wise, Jacquelyn A.
January 1976
Primary view of Mass and Mass Values
Pontius, Paul E.
January 1974
Primary view of Unified Theory Calculations of Stark Broadened Hydrogen Lines Including Lower State Interactions
Vidal, C. R.; Cooper, J. & Smith, E. W.
January 1971
Primary view of Calibration of Temperature Measurement Systems Installed in Buildings
Hurley, C. Warren & Schooley, James F.
January 1984
Primary view of On-Site Calibration of Flow Metering Systems Installed in Buildings
Baker, David W. & Hurley, C. Warren
January 1984
Primary view of Errata Sheet Number 1 for National Bureau of Standards Building Science Series 144, September 1983
Crenshaw, Richard & Clark, Roy E.
January 19, 1983
Primary view of Special Studies in Electrolysis Mitigation: 4. A Preliminary Report on Electrolysis Mitigation in Elyria, Ohio, with Recommendations for Mitigation
McCollum, Burton & Logan, K. H.
January 22, 1916
Primary view of Durability of Stucco and Plaster Construction: Progress Report Containing Results of Investigations up to April, 1916
Wig, R. J.; Pearson, J. C. & Emley, W. E.
January 31, 1917
Primary view of Efflux of Gases Through Small Orifices
Buckingham, Edgar & Edwards, Junius David
January 28, 1920
Primary view of On the Formulation and Numerical Evaluation of a set of Two-Phase Flow Equations Modelling the Cooldown Process
Jarvis, Stephen, Jr.
January 4, 1965
Primary view of Saturated Liquid Densities of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, and Parahydrogen
Roder, H. M.; McCarty, R. D. & Johnson, V. J.
January 31, 1968
Primary view of Design for a Variable-Output-Coupling Far-Infrared Michelson Laser
Wells, J. S.; Evenson, K. M.; Matarrese, L. M.; Jennings, D. A. & Wichman, G. L.
January 1971
Primary view of Activities of the NBS Spectrochemical Analysis Section: July 1970 to June 1971
Heinrich, Kurt F. J. & Rasberry, S. D.
January 1972
Primary view of Safety for the Household
Owen, S. J.
January 12, 1948
Primary view of Thermophysical Properties of Isobutane from 114 to 700 K at Pressures to 70 MPa
Goodwin, Robert D. & Haynes, William M.
January 1982
Primary view of Phase Equilibria: an Informal Symposium
Eaton, B. E.; Ely, James F.; Hanley, H. J. M.; McCarty, Robert D. & Rainwater, James C.
January 1983
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