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Primary view of The Occurrence of Gases in Coals
Selden, R. F.
June 1934
Primary view of Coal-Dust Explosion Tests in the Experimental Mine 1913-1918, Inclusive
Rice, George S.; Jones, Lewis M.; Egy, Willard Leo & Greenwald, H. P.
June 1922
Primary view of Tests of Large Columns with H-Shaped Sections
Tuckerman, L. B. & Stang, A. H.
June 11, 1926
Primary view of Physical Hydraulic Models: Assessment of Predictive Capabilities; Report 1: Hydrodynamics of the Delaware River Estuary Model
Letter, Joseph V., Jr. & McAnally, William H., Jr.
June 1975
Primary view of Chemical-Quality Reconnaissance of the Water and Surficial Bed Material in the Delaware River Estuary and Adjacent New Jersey Tributaries, 1980-81
Hochreiter, Joseph J., Jr.
June 1982
Primary view of Occurrence of Pesticide Residues in Four Streams Draining Different Land-Use Areas in Pennsylvania
Truhlar, John F. & Reed, Lloyd A.
June 1975
Primary view of Preimpoundment Water Quality of Raystown Branch Juniata River and Six Tributary Streams, South-Central Pennsylvania
Williams, Donald R.
June 1976
Primary view of Water-Quality Assessment of Francis E. Walter Reservoir, Luzerne and Carbon Counties, Pennsylvania
Barker, James L.
June 1983
Primary view of Technical Manual For Estimating Low-Flow Frequency Characteristics of Streams in the Susquehanna River Basin
Armbruster, Jeffrey T.
June 1976
Primary view of Flow Routing in the Susquehanna River Basin: Part II - Low-Flow Frequency Characteristics of the Susquehanna River Between Waverly, New York and Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Bingham, Donald L.
June 1979
Primary view of Geochemical Dispersion of Uranium Near Prospects in Pennsylvania
Rose, Arthur W.; Schmiermund, Ronald L. & Mahar, Dennis L.
June 1977
Primary view of Reconnaissance for Radioactive Materials in Northeastern United States During 1952
Klemic, Harry & McKeown, Franics A.
June 1953
Primary view of Reconnaissance for Radioactive Materials in Northeastern United States During 1952
McKeown, Francis A. & Klemic, Harry
June 1953
Primary view of Booby Traps
Paxton, Hugh Campbell
June 12, 1957
Primary view of Uranium Favorability of Nonmarine and Marginal-Marine Strata of Late Precambrian and Paleozoic Age in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York
Dennison, John M.
June 1982
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