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Primary view of Bituminous-Coal Deposits in the Vicinity of Eska, Matanuska Valley Coal Field, Alaska
Jolley, Theodore R.; Toenges, Albert L. & Turnbull, Louis A.
February 1952
Primary view of Investigation of the Millett Copper Deposit Iliamna Lake, Southwestern Alaska
Rutledge, Franklin A. & Mulligan, J. J.
July 1952
Primary view of Tin-Lode Investigations, Potato Mountain Area, Seward Peninsula, Alaska; With Section on Petrography
Mulligan, John J. & Gnagy, Walter L.
Primary view of Bituminous Coal Deposits of the Matanuska Coalfield, Alaska: Central and Western Parts, Wishbone District
Warfield, Robert S.
Primary view of Reconnaissance Studies of Alaskan Beach Sands, Eastern Gulf of Alaska
Thomas, Bruce I. & Berryhill, Robert V.
Primary view of The Kantishna Region, Alaska
Capps, Stephen R.
Primary view of Geology of the Upper Tetling River District Alaska
Moffit, Fred H.
Primary view of Mineral Industry of Alaska in 1938
Smith, Philip Sidney
Primary view of Tertiary Deposits of the Eagle-Circle District, Alaska
Mertie, John Beaver, Jr.
Primary view of Geology of the Gerstle River District, Alaska, with a Report on the Black Rapids Glacier
Moffit, Fred H.
Primary view of Mineral Industry of Alaska in 1939
Smith, Philip S.
Primary view of A Report of an Archaeological Survey at Ogotoruk Creek, Alaska
Hadleigh-West, Frederic
November 1959
Primary view of The Salmon Resource in the Vicinity of the Chariot Site in 1960
Smith, Howard D.
December 30, 1960
Primary view of Human Ecology Investigations, Kivalina, Alaska. Progress Report
University of Alaska (College)
December 1959
Primary view of Radioactive Granite in the Miller House-Circle Hot Springs Area, East-Central Alaska
White, Max G. & Tolbert, Gene E.
February 1952
Primary view of Radioactive Pegmatite Minerals in the Willow Creek Mining District, South-Central Alaska
Moxham, Robert M. & Nelson, Arthur E.
January 1952
Primary view of Reconnaissance for Radioactive Deposits in the Fortymile District, East-Central Alaska, 1949
Wedow, Helmuth, Jr. & Tolbert, Gene E.
December 1953
Primary view of Trace Elements Investigations in the Serpentine-Kougarok Area, Seward Peninsula, Alaska
West, W. S. & Moxham, R. M.
November 1949
Primary view of Reconnaissance for Radioactive Deposits in Alaska, 1953
Matzko, John J. & Bates, Robert G.
October 1955
Primary view of Radioactivity at the Copper Creek Copper Lode Prospect, Eagle District, East-Central Alaska
Wedow, Helmuth & Tolbert, Gene Edward
September 1952
Primary view of Radiometric Examination of Rock Specimens From Mount McKinley, Alaska
Matzko, John J.
February 1951
Primary view of Reconnaissance for Radioactive Deposits in the Nixon Fork Mining District, Medfra Quadrangle, Central Alaska, 1949
White, Max G. & Stevens, John M.
February 1953
Primary view of Radioactivity and Mineralogy of Placer Concentrates From the Fortymile District, Alaska
White, M. G.
August 1950
Primary view of Trace Elements Reconnaissance on the South Fork of Quartz Creek, Northeastern Seward Peninsula, Alaska
Killeen, P. L. & White, M. G.
May 1950
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