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Primary view of The Oil Fields of Allen County Kentucky, with Notes on the Oil Geology of Adjoining Counties
Shaw, Eugene Wesley & Mather, Kirtley F.
Primary view of The Kantishna Region, Alaska
Capps, Stephen R.
Primary view of The Copper Deposits of Ray and Miami, Arizona
Ransome, Frederick Leslie
Primary view of Shorter Contributions to General Geology, 1918
White, David
Primary view of The Sunset-Midway Oil Field, California: Part 2. Geochemical Relations of the Oil, Gas, and Water
Rogers, G. Sherburne
Primary view of Reptilian Faunas of the Torrejon, Puerco, and Underlying Upper Cretaceous Formations of San Juan County, New Mexico
Gilmore, Charles W.
Primary view of On a New Exogyra From the Del Rio Clay and Some Observations on the Evolution of Exogyra in the Texas Cretaceous
Böse, Emil, 1868-1927
January 5, 1919
Primary view of New Forms of Instruments for Showing the Presence and Amount of Combustible Gas in the Air
Weaver, E. R. & Weibel, E. E.
June 23, 1919
Primary view of Effect of Rate of Temperature Change on the Transformations in an Alloy Steel
Scott, Howard
July 10, 1919
Primary view of Thermal Expansion of Insulating Materials
Souder, Wilmer H. & Hidnert, Peter
December 27, 1919
Primary view of Cost Keeping for Small Metal Mines
Pickering, J. C.
February 1919
Primary view of The Ultra-Violet and Visible Transmission of Eye-Protective Glasses
Gibson, K. S. & McNicholas, H. J.
June 7, 1919
Primary view of Traps for Saving Gas at Oil Wells
Hamilton, Walter Raleigh
February 1919
Primary view of Saving Coal in Steam Power Plants
United States. Fuel Administration.
Primary view of Approximate Quantitative Microscopy of Pulverized Ores, Including the Use of the Camera Lucida
Coghill, Will H. & Bonardi, J. P.
October 1919
Primary view of An Apparatus for Measuring the Relative Wear of Sole Leathers, and the Results Obtained with Leather from Different Parts of a Hide
Hart, R. W. & Bowker, R. C.
November 22, 1919
Primary view of Abstracts of Current Decisions on Mines and Mining Reported from January to May 1918
Thompson, Joseph Wesley
Primary view of Experiment Stations of the Bureau of Mines
Manning, Van. H.
August 1919
Primary view of War Minerals, Nitrogen Fixation and Sodium Cyanide
Manning, Van. H.
Primary view of Abstracts of Current Decisions on Mines and Mining: January to May 1919
Thompson, J. W.
Primary view of Report of a Joint Committee Appointed from the Bureau of Mines and the United States Geological Survey by the Secretary of the Interior to Study the Gold Situation: October 30, 1918
United States. Bureau of Mines.
Primary view of A Preliminary Report on the Mining Districts of Idaho
Varley, Thomas; Wright, Clarence A.; Soper, Edgar K. & Livingston, Douglas C.
Primary view of Abstracts of Current Decisions on Mines and Mining: September to December, 1918
Thompson, J. W.
Primary view of Illinois Mining Statutes Annotated
Thompson, J. W.
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