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Primary view of Revision of the North American Pocket Mice
Merriam, C. Hart
October 25, 1889
Primary view of Electrolysis and its Mitigation
Rosa, Edward B. & McCollum, Burton
November 25, 1918
Primary view of Comparison of Alcogas Aviation Fuel With Export Aviation Gasoline
Gage, V. R.; Sparrow, S. W. & Harper, D. R.
November 25, 1919
Primary view of Endurance Tests of Tires
Holt, W. L. & Wormeley, P. L.
May 25, 1926
Primary view of The relative performance obtained with several methods of control of an overcompressed engine using gasoline
Gardiner, Arthur W. & Whedon, William E.
February 25, 1927
Primary view of The N.A.C.A. photographic apparatus for studying fuel sprays from oil engine injection valves and test results from several researches
Beardsley, Edward G.
May 25, 1927
Primary view of The Gaseous Explosive Reaction: A Study of the Kinetics of Composite Fuels
Stevens, F. W.
April 25, 1928
Primary view of Working Charts for the Selection of Aluminum Alloy Propellers of a Standard Form to Operate With Various Aircraft Engines and Bodies
Weick, Fred E.
March 25, 1929
Primary view of Comparative flight performance with an NACA Roots supercharger and a turbocentrifugal supercharger
Schey, Oscar W. & Young, Alfred W.
February 25, 1930
Primary view of The effect on airplane performance of the factors that must be considered in applying low-drag cowling to radial engines
McAvoy, William H.; Schey, Oscar W. & Young, Alfred W.
November 25, 1931
Primary view of Preliminary Investigation of Modifications to Conventional Airplanes to Give Nonstalling and Short-Landing Characteristics
Weick, Fred E.
January 25, 1932
Primary view of Some Effects of Argon and Helium Upon Explosions of Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen
Fiock, Ernst F. & Roeder, Carl H.
September 25, 1935
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Investigation of Ordinary and Split Flaps on Airfoils of Different Profile
Wenzinger, Carl J.
October 25, 1935
Primary view of Calculated and measured pressure distributions over the midspan section of the NACA 4412 airfoil
Pinkerton, Robert M.
March 25, 1936
Primary view of Heat Transfer to Fuel Sprays Injected Into Heated Gases
Selden, Robert F. & Spencer, Robert C.
August 25, 1936
Primary view of Fuel spray and flame formation in a compression-ignition engine employing air flow
Rothrock, A. M. & Waldron, C. D.
November 25, 1936
Primary view of Static Thrust and Power Characteristics of Six Full-Scale Propellers
Hartman, Edwin P. & Biermann, David
January 25, 1939
Primary view of Chemical Properties of Uranium Hexafluoride, UF6
Grosse, Aristid V.
June 25, 1941
Primary view of Effect of Normal Pressure on the Critical Compressive Stress of Curved Sheet
Rafel, Norman
August 25, 1942
Primary view of Density of Solid Hex Uf$Sub 6$ Near the Triple Point, and the Expansivity of the Liquid From the Triple Point to 92 C
Wechsler, Martin T. & Hoge, Harold J.
February 25, 1943
Primary view of Temperature Rise in a Heat Producing Cylinder Under a Coating Defect
Ginsburg, M.; Karush, W. & Young, G.
January 25, 1944
Primary view of Calculations for Some Pile Shapes of Which the Boundaries are Partly Spherical
Young, G.; Murray, F. H. & Castle, H.
February 25, 1944
Primary view of Eta Temperature Effect
Bragdon, E. W.; Hughes, D. & Marshall, John
February 25, 1944
Primary view of Intercooler cooling-air weight flow and pressure drop for minimum drag loss
Reuter, J. George & Valerino, Michael F.
February 25, 1944
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