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Primary view of Working Charts for the Selection of Aluminum Alloy Propellers of a Standard Form to Operate With Various Aircraft Engines and Bodies
Weick, Fred E.
March 25, 1929
Primary view of The Gaseous Explosive Reaction: A Study of the Kinetics of Composite Fuels
Stevens, F. W.
April 25, 1928
Primary view of The N.A.C.A. photographic apparatus for studying fuel sprays from oil engine injection valves and test results from several researches
Beardsley, Edward G.
May 25, 1927
Primary view of The relative performance obtained with several methods of control of an overcompressed engine using gasoline
Gardiner, Arthur W. & Whedon, William E.
February 25, 1927
Primary view of Endurance Tests of Tires
Holt, W. L. & Wormeley, P. L.
May 25, 1926
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