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Primary view of Biological Survey of Texas
Bailey, Vernon
October 24, 1905
Primary view of Revision of the Skunks of the Genus Spilogale
Howell, Arthur H.
November 24, 1906
Primary view of The Gaseous Explosive Reaction: The Effect of Inert Gases
Stevens, F. W.
June 24, 1927
Primary view of Tests of large airfoils in the propeller research tunnel, including two with corrugated surfaces
Wood, Donald H.
May 24, 1929
Primary view of Penetration and Duration of Fuel Sprays From a Pump Injection System
Rothrock, A. M. & Marsh, E. T.
August 24, 1931
Primary view of The Effect of Humidity on Engine Power at Altitude
Brooks, D. B. & Garlock, E. A.
February 24, 1932
Primary view of A comparison between the theoretical and measured longitudinal stability characteristics of an airplane
Soulé, Hartley A. & Wheatley, John B.
June 24, 1932
Primary view of Wing Characteristics as Affected by Protuberances of Short Span
Jacobs, Eastman N. & Sherman, Albert
October 24, 1932
Primary view of Pressure Distribution Over Airfoils With Fowler Flaps
Wenzinger, Carl J. & Anderson, Walter B.
November 24, 1937
Primary view of Wind-tunnel investigation of NACA 23012 airfoil with various arrangements of slotted flaps
Wenzinger, Carl J. & Harris, Thomas A.
February 24, 1939
Primary view of A Theoretical Study of the Moment on a Body in a Compressible Fluid
Kaplan, Carl
March 24, 1939
Primary view of Experimental Verification of the Theory of Oscillating Airfoils
Silverstein, Abe & Joyner, Upshur T.
April 24, 1939
Primary view of Longitudinal Stability and Control With Special Reference to Slipstream Effects
Katzoff, S.
August 24, 1939
Primary view of A high-speed motion-picture study of normal combustion, knock and preignition in a spark-ignition engines
Rothrock, A. M.; Spencer, R. C. & Miller, Cearcy D.
July 24, 1940
Primary view of An apparatus for measuring rates of discharge of a fuel-injection system
Dutee, Francis J.
March 24, 1941
Primary view of Requirements for Satisfactory Flying Qualities of Airplanes
Gilruth, R. R.
March 24, 1941
Primary view of Square Plate With Clamped Edges Under Normal Pressure Producing Large Deflections
Levy, Samuel
May 24, 1941
Primary view of Low-Density UO2 Pile
Ibser, H. W.
February 24, 1943
Primary view of The Resonance Absorption Spectrum of Uranium
Dancoff, Sidney M., 1913-1951
November 24, 1943
Primary view of Solid residue
Greenewalt, C. H.
February 24, 1944
Primary view of Experiments on Drag of Revolving Disks, Cylinders, and Streamline Rods at High Speeds
Theodorsen, Theodore & Regier, Arthur
April 24, 1944
Primary view of Application of Spring Tabs to Elevator Controls
Phillips, William H.
November 24, 1944
Primary view of C-616 UF$sub 6$ HYDROLYSIS FUMES
Fisher, M. & Cines, M.R.
January 24, 1945
Primary view of Chemical Research -- Extraction and Properties of U233; Report for the Period Ending December 15, 1944
Seaborg, Glenn T. (Glenn Theodore), 1912-1999; Manning, F. M. & Katzin, L. I.
February 24, 1945
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