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Primary view of Special Studies in Electrolysis Mitigation: 4. A Preliminary Report on Electrolysis Mitigation in Elyria, Ohio, with Recommendations for Mitigation
McCollum, Burton & Logan, K. H.
January 22, 1916
Primary view of An Apparatus for Measuring the Relative Wear of Sole Leathers, and the Results Obtained with Leather from Different Parts of a Hide
Hart, R. W. & Bowker, R. C.
November 22, 1919
Primary view of Radio-Frequency Resistance and Inductance of Coils Used in Broadcast Reception
Hund, August & De Groot, H. B.
October 22, 1925
Primary view of Water-pressure distribution on seaplane float
Thompson, F. L.
December 22, 1927
Primary view of The 7 by 10 Foot Wind Tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
Harris, Thomas A.
October 22, 1931
Primary view of Flight tests of the drag and torque of the propeller in terminal-velocity dives
Rhode, Richard V. & Pearson, Henry A.
August 22, 1933
Primary view of On the Theory of Laminar Boundary Layers Involving Separation
von Karman, T. & Millikan, C. B.
May 22, 1934
Primary view of The effect of turbulence on the drag of flat plates
Schubauer, G. B. & Dryden, H. L.
June 22, 1935
Primary view of Aircraft Accidents: Methods of Analysis
Committee on Aircraft Accidents
June 22, 1936
Primary view of Mechanism of flutter: A theoretical and experimental investigation of the flutter problem
Theodorsen, Theodore & Garrick, I. E.
September 22, 1938
Primary view of Tensile Elastic Properties of 18:8 Chromium-Nickel Steel as Affected by Plastic Deformation
McAdam, D. J., Jr. & Mebs, R. W.
November 22, 1938
Primary view of An investigation of the drag of windshields in the 8-foot high-speed wind tunnel
Robinson, Russell G. & Delano, James B.
May 22, 1939
Primary view of The problem of cooling an air-cooled cylinder on an aircraft engine
Brevoort, M. J. & Joyner, U. T.
April 22, 1940
Primary view of Methods of analyzing wind-tunnel data for dynamic flight conditions
Donlan, C. J. & Recant, I. G.
July 22, 1941
Primary view of Test of single-stage axial-flow fan
Bell, E. Barton
September 22, 1941
Primary view of On Certain Phase Equilibria in the Ternary System Uranyl Nitrate--Ether--Water at 25° and at 1°C
Van Name, Ralph Gibbs
October 22, 1942
Primary view of Effect of Temperature on the Resonance Absorption of Neutrons by Uranium
Mitchell, Allan C. G. (Allan Charles Gray), 1902-; Slotin, Louis; Marshall, John; Nedzel, V. A.; Brown, L. J. & Pruett, John R.
April 22, 1943
Primary view of Metallurgical Laboratory, Chemical Research - Analytical, Graphite Purity Research Program
Boyd, G. E.; Curtis, R. E. & Johnston, W. H.
December 22, 1943
Primary view of Investigation of the NACA 4-(3)(8)-045 Two-Blade Propellers at Forward Mach Numbers to 0.725 to Determine the Effects of Compressibility and Solidity on Performance
Stack, John; Draley, Eugene C.; Delano, James B. & Feldman, Lewis
January 22, 1944
Primary view of Metallurgical Laboratory, Chemical Research - Radiation Chemistry, the Effect of Radiation on Water and Aqueous Solutions of Inorganic Substances
Allen, A. O.
February 22, 1944
Primary view of Application of Molybdenum Surfaces to Heavy Metal
Katz, S.
December 22, 1944
Primary view of Biological Action of Gamma and X-Rays
Lorenz, E.; Eschenbrenner, A.; Derringer, M. & Heston, W. E.
December 22, 1944
Primary view of The Digging-in of a Warped Rod Into a Rib
Martin, A. V.
January 22, 1945
Primary view of Quantitative Recovery of Tuballoy From Tuballoy Tetrafluoride
Gates, J. W., Jr.; Andrews, L. J. & Schaap, Ward B.
February 22, 1945
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