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Primary view of Policy Options to Increase Physician Training Education in Proper Opioid Prescribing
Heisler, Elayne J.
December 22, 2017
Primary view of Windows and mirrors needed for a laser-driven photoneutralizer
Fink, J.H.
June 22, 1983
Primary view of Roof-mounted solar-and-wind-powered turbine. Final report
Goerz, J.W.
December 22, 1982
Primary view of Feasibility study for Boardman River hydroelectric power. Final report
unknown creator
February 22, 1979
Primary view of Evaluation, design, development and delivery of a 1200 kV prototype termination. First technical progress report, September 28, 1978-January 31, 1979
Billings, J. S.; Neri, Z.; Meyer, J. R.; Berkebile, L. E. & English, W. A.
February 22, 1979
Primary view of Effects of energetical particles on ballooning modes in high temperature tokamaks
Tsang, K.T.
January 22, 1992
Primary view of Water for long-term geothermal enegy production in the Imperial Valley
Layton, D. W.
September 22, 1978
Primary view of Impact of petroleum industry horizontal divestiture on the coal market. [Proposed for consideration by Congress]
Zimmerman, D. L.; Dymond, L. H. & Marris, R. L.
June 22, 1979
Primary view of Environmental radiological studies downstream from Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Generating Station
Noshkin, V. E.; Wong, K. M.; Eagle, R. J.; Dawson, J. W.; Brunk, J. L. & Jokela, T. A.
March 22, 1985
Primary view of Floodplain Management and Flood Resilience: Current Policy and Considerations for Congress
Carter, Nicole T.; Horn, Diane P. & Brown, Jared T.
December 22, 2017
Primary view of Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC): Structure and Activities
Stupak, Jeffrey M.
December 22, 2017
Primary view of Reverse Osmosis for Water Desalination
Lonsdale, H. K.; Merten, U.; Riley, R. L.; Vos, K. D. & Westmoreland, J. C.
May 22, 1964
Primary view of High-beta tokamak research. Quarterly status report, 1 October--31 December 1978. [Torus 1 and Torus 2 diagnostics]
Stone, P.
December 22, 1978
Primary view of Noether's therorem for local gauge transformations
Karatas, D.L. & Kowalski, K.L.
May 22, 1989
Primary view of Panama: Political and Economic Conditions and U.S. Relations
Sullivan, Mark P.
April 22, 2011
Primary view of Radiological Sciences Department investigation, radiation incident Class I, No. 494-C
Ebright, D. P.
August 22, 1955
Primary view of Characterization and modification of particulate properties to enhance filtration performance
Snyder, T. R.; Robinson, M. S. & Vann Bush, P.
June 22, 1989
Primary view of China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities-Background and Issues for Congress
O'Rourke, Ronald
April 22, 2011
Primary view of Reducing the Budget Deficit: Policy Issues
Labonte, Marc
April 22, 2011
Primary view of Overview of the Federal Debt
Austin, D. Andrew
May 22, 2011
Primary view of Statistical analysis of fluorimeter operation
Cutlip, L. B.
January 22, 1991
Primary view of A design chart for long vacuum pipes and shells
Krempetz, K.; Grimson, J. & Kelly, P.
July 22, 1986
Primary view of Oxide particle size distribution from shearing irradiated and unirradiated LWR fuels in Zircaloy and stainless steel cladding: significance for risk assessment
Davis, W. Jr.; West, G.A. & Stacy, R.G.
March 22, 1979
Primary view of Ohmic dissipation during vacuum transport
Lee, E.P. & Barletta, W.A.
June 22, 1979
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