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Primary view of [TXSSAR Officer Reports: March 20 - 22, 2009]
Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution
Primary view of Preliminary report on the Browns Hill prospect, Carbon County Wyoming
Whalen, J. F.
June 20, 1955
Primary view of Review of Drilling Methods and Procedures With Results Obtained
Garbrecht, Louis
October 20, 1954
Primary view of The Synthetic Liquid Fuel Potential of California
Ford, Bacon, and Davis
April 20, 1951
Primary view of Uranium Analyses of Samples From Selected Oil Wells, Southern San Juan Basin, New Mexico
Chenoweth, William L.
June 20, 1966
Primary view of MINES for Libraries© @ UNT Libraries: Final Report
Harker, Karen
October 20, 2020
Primary view of Political Science Curriculum Map: Procedural Manual & Codebook
Henson, Brea
March 20, 2020
Primary view of Reconnaissance for uranium deposits in the Kaiparowits Plateau region, Utah
Annes, E. C.
September 20, 1956
Primary view of [Geophysical Log of Hole MB-11 in the Missoula/Bitterroot Basins of Montana]
Bendix Field Engineering Corporation
June 20, 1978
Primary view of Possibilities for Uranium in the Republic of India
Judd, Edward K.
February 20, 1958
Primary view of Geological reconnaissance of King Tutt Mesa, East Carrizo district, Arizona-New Mexico
King, John W.
September 20, 1951
Primary view of Results of airborne radiometric survey, Denver Basin, Colorado, Spring 1956, interim report
Simon, Michael R.
August 20, 1956
Primary view of The Factors Limiting the Utilization of Zirconium Alloys in Superheated Steam
Klepfer, H. H. & Douglass, D. L. (David Leslie), 1931-
November 20, 1963
Primary view of Approximate Models for Distributed-Parameter Heat-Transfer Systems
Ball, S. J.
August 20, 1963
Primary view of Use of Redux Adhesives for Bonding Metal
Martin, M.
May 20, 1947
Primary view of Ground Level Concentrations in the Vicinity of a 185 ft Stack
Shorr, B.
April 20, 1953
Primary view of Addendum to Report HW-30390:  Estimated Power Generation in MTR Slug Test Facility
Neumann, Hans, 1936-
September 20, 1954
Primary view of The Strontium-Strontium Hydride Phase System
Peterson, D. T. & Colburn, R. P.
February 20, 1963
Primary view of Magnetic Field Measurements by Nuclear Resonance
Kafitz, Peter
August 20, 1948
Primary view of The Higher Fluorides of Plutonium
Brewer, Leo, 1919-2005; Bromley, LeRoy A.; Gilles, Paul W. & Lofgren, Norman L.
March 20, 1950
Primary view of Autoxidation of Uranous Salts in Water Solution
Nichols, Ambrose R., Jr.
April 20, 1946
Primary view of Operational Physics Data from the HWCTR
Rusche, Benard Clements, 1931-
September 20, 1963
Primary view of Fuel Failure Detection in the Heavy Water Components Test Reactor
Kiger, E. O.
September 20, 1963
Primary view of Control of the Dissolved Gases in the Moderator of the HWCTR
Arnett, L. M.
September 20, 1963
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