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Primary view of Revision of the American Flying Squirrels
Howell, Arthur H.
June 13, 1918
Primary view of Performance of B. M. W. 185-horsepower airplane engine
Sparrow, Stanwood Willston
April 13, 1922
Primary view of Testing of Fire-Clay Brick with Special Reference to their Use in Coal-Fired Boiler Settings
Geller, R. F.
February 13, 1925
Primary view of Measurements on the Thermal Expansion of Fused Silica
Souder, Wilmer H. & Hidnert, Peter
April 13, 1926
Primary view of Full-Scale Wind-Tunnel Tests of a Series of Metal Propellers on a VE-7 Airplane
Weick, Fred E.
July 13, 1928
Primary view of The Effect of Supercharger Capacity on Engine and Airplane Performance
Schey, O. W. & Gove, W. D.
March 13, 1929
Primary view of Applied Potential Corrosion of Aluminum and 18-8 Stainless Steel Alloys
Sanborn, Kenneth L.
March 13, 1930
Primary view of The Comparative Performance of Superchargers
Schey, Oscar W.
January 13, 1931
Primary view of The Elimination of Fire Hazard Due to Back Fires
Theodorsen, Theodore & Freeman, Ira M.
October 13, 1931
Primary view of Experiments on the distribution of fuel in fuel sprays
Lee, Dana W.
February 13, 1932
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Research Comparing Lateral Control Devices, Particularly at High Angles of Attack 5: Spoilers and Ailerons on Rectangular Wings
Weick, Fred E. & Shortal, Joseph A.
June 13, 1932
Primary view of The N.A.C.A. Full-Scale Wind Tunnel
DeFrance, Smith J.
March 13, 1933
Primary view of Performance of a fuel-injection spark-ignition engine using a hydrogenated safety fuel
Schey, Oscar W. & Young, Alfred W.
June 13, 1933
Primary view of Effect of Viscosity on Fuel Leakage Between Lapped Plungers and Sleeves and on the Discharge From a Pump-Injection System
Rothrock, A. M. & Marsh, E. T.
December 13, 1933
Primary view of Wing-Fuselage Interference, Tail Buffeting, and Air Flow About the Tail of a Low-Wing Monoplane
White, James A. & Hood, Manley J.
December 13, 1933
Primary view of An Analysis of Longitudinal Stability in Power-Off Flight With Charts for Use in Design
Zimmerman, Charles H.
December 13, 1934
Primary view of Bibliography of Temperature Measurement: July 1960 to December 1962
Halpern, Carl
September 13, 1936
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Investigation of Spoiler, Deflector, and Slot Lateral-Control Devices on Wings With Full-Span Split and Slotted Flaps
Wenzinger, Carl J. & Rogallo, Francis M.
August 13, 1940
Primary view of Restraint provided a flat rectangular plate by a sturdy stiffener along an edge of the plate
Lundquist, Eugene E. & Stowell, Elbridge Z.
March 13, 1941
Primary view of Search for Elements 94 and 93 in Nature. Presence of 94$sup 239$ in Pitchblende
Seaborg, G. T. & Perlman, M. L.
April 13, 1942
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Tests of Four- and Six-Blade Single- and Dual-Rotating Tractor Propellers
Biermann, David & Hartman, Edwin P.
July 13, 1942
Primary view of Optimum Design of Catalytic Towers
Mayer, Harris
March 13, 1943
Primary view of Determination of general relations for the behavior of turbulent boundary layers
von Doenhoff, Albert E. & Tetervin, Neal
April 13, 1943
Primary view of Jet-boundary corrections for reflection-plane models in rectangular wind tunnels
Swanson, Robert S. & Toll, Thomas A.
April 13, 1943
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