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Primary view of Exploring novel silicon-containing polymers---From preceramic polymers to conducting polymers with nonlinear optical properties
Pang, Yi.
October 7, 1991
Primary view of Low-cost solar array project. Task I. Silicon material. Investigation of the hydrogenation of SiCl/sub 4/
Mui, J. Y. P. & Seyferth, D.
October 7, 1980
Primary view of Some Scoping Experiments for a Space Reactor
Alexander, C. A. & Ogden, J. S.
July 7, 1983
Primary view of Federal Government Health, Education, and Welfare Programs of Assistance to American Indians Residing on Federal Reservations
Langone, Stephen A.
October 7, 1969
Primary view of References to Safeguards, Physical Security, and Related Matters in the Nuclear Non-proliferation Act of 1978 (P.L. 95-242)
Kramer, Donna S. & Donnelly, Warren H.
July 7, 1978
Primary view of Mineral Resources of the United States Continental Shelf: Some Common Questions
Siehl, George H.
August 7, 1970
Primary view of Power of the President to use troops to deal with Disorders arising within the states.1967
Small, Norman J.
August 7, 1967
Primary view of New Approaches to Income Maintenance
Humphreys, Joseph R.
January 7, 1970
Primary view of The Mexican Farm Labor Program: References, 1951-1965
Heslet, Mary R.
June 7, 1965
Primary view of An MS-DOS-based program for analyzing plutonium gamma-ray spectra
Ruhter, W. D. & Buckley, W. M.
September 7, 1989
Primary view of Geotomography applied at the Stripa Mine in Sweden
Okada, J.T.; Laine, E.F.; Lytle, R.J. & Daily,W.D.
April 7, 1980
Primary view of PWR Blowdown Heat Transfer Separate-Effects Program. Thermal-Hydraulic Test Facility experimental data report for test 103
Clemons, V. D.; White, M. D.; Moore, P. A. & Hedrick, R. A.
March 7, 1978
Primary view of Atomic and molecular science with synchrotron radiation
unknown creator
November 7, 1989
Primary view of A miniature inexpensive, oxygen sensing element
Arenz, R. W.
October 7, 1991
Primary view of Acceleration using total internal reflection
Fernow, R.C.
June 7, 1991
Primary view of Evaluation of macroreticular anion exchange resin - RTA-893-R
Baumann, E. W.
June 7, 1965
Primary view of Specific heat loading in Nd:glass lasers
Krupke, W. F.
August 7, 1985
Primary view of Clean gasoline reforming with superacid catalysts
Davis, B. H.
May 7, 1992
Primary view of SPE water electrolysis technology development for large scale hydrogen production. Progress report No. 4, June 15, 1976--September 30, 1976
unknown creator
October 7, 1976
Primary view of Application of the Argonne Advanced Acceleration Test Facility to development for conventional accelerators
MacLachlan, J.A.
April 7, 1988
Primary view of LOFT suppression tank spray system piping: heat exchanger BS-H-31 piping modifications
Blandford, R.K.
November 7, 1977
Primary view of Procedure for matching synfuel users with potential suppliers. Appendix B. Proposed and ongoing synthetic fuel production projects
unknown creator
August 7, 1981
Primary view of High pressure gas metering project
Tripp, L.R.
July 7, 1980
Primary view of Gaseous phase coal surface modification
Okoh, J.M.; Pinion, J. & Thiensatit, S.
May 7, 1992
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