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Primary view of The Design of a Mediumenergy Pion Beam (4-16 Gev/C) for the Brookhaven A. G. S.
Read, A. L. & Rubinstein, R.
January 1, 0196
Primary view of Two-Phase Flow Through Apertures
Isbin, H. S.
January 1, 0196
Primary view of Fabrication Cots for Plutonium Fuel Elements Part A: Variable Costs of Fabrication UO2-PuO2 Fuel Rods for the Plutonium Recycle Critical Facility
Bloomster, C. H.
September 1, 1695
Primary view of A New Form of Standard Resistance
Rosa, Edward B.
October 1, 1908
Primary view of Vapor pressure of various compounds at low temperatures
Burrell, G. A. & Robertson, I. W.
January 1, 1916
Primary view of Methods of shutting off water in oil and gas wells
Tough, F. B.
January 1, 1918
Primary view of Damping Coefficients Due to Tail Surfaces in Aircraft
Chu, Lynn
January 1, 1923
Primary view of Mollier Chart of Properties of Ammonia, 1923
United States. Bureau of Standards.
May 1, 1923
Primary view of Engineering report on the Smackover oil and gas field, Union and Ouachita Counties, Arkansas. [Underground conditions and their application to drilling and production problems]
Haury, P. S. & Kelly, R. B.
August 1, 1924
Primary view of Use of Sulphite Cellulose Extract as a Tanning Material
Wallace, E. L. & Bowker, Roy Clement
November 1, 1926
Primary view of Aircraft Woods: Their Properties, Selection, and Characteristics
Markwardt, L. J.
January 1, 1930
Primary view of A Method of Calculating the Ultimate Strength of Continuous Beams
Newlin, J. A. & Trayer, George W.
February 1, 1930
Primary view of Pressure distribution over the fuselage of a PW-9 pursuit airplane in flight
Rhode, Richard V. & Lundquist, Eugene E.
August 1, 1930
Primary view of Flame Movement and Pressure Development in an Engine Cylinder
Marvin, Charles F., Jr. & Best, Robert D.
May 1, 1931
Primary view of Air flow in a separating laminar boundary layer
Schubauer, G. B.
December 1, 1934
Primary view of Characteristics of the NACA 23012 airfoil from tests in the full-scale and variable-density tunnels
Jacobs, Eastman N. & Clay, William C.
March 1, 1935
Primary view of General Airplane Performance
Rockfeller, W. C.
June 1, 1937
Primary view of Model Study of Channel Improvement and Stabilization in the Pryors Island Reach of the Ohio River
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
September 1, 1938
Feibig, J. G.
January 1, 1940
Spiegler, L.
January 1, 1940
Primary view of The Precipitation of Uranium Peroxide in the Presence of Fluorides
King, Edward J.
January 1, 1941
Primary view of A New Crystalline Hydrate of Uranium Tetrafluoride, 2UF$sub 4$/center dot/ 5H$sub 2$O, and Its Dehydration to Anhydrous Uranium Tetrafluoride
Grosse, A. V.
March 1, 1941
Primary view of Formation of the 50-Year Element 94 from Deuteron Bombardment of U$sup 23$$sup 8$
Kennedy, J.W.; Perlman, M.L.; Segre, E. & Wahl, A.C.
June 1, 1942
Primary view of Progress Report on Contract OEMsr-290. Supplement 2
Kraus, C. A.
October 1, 1942
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