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Primary view of University of North Texas Libraries: Unit Strategic Plan FY07 - FY11
Grose, B. Donald; Kelly, Melody; Paz, Susan; Wahl, Diane; Reis, Nancy; Belden, Dreanna et al.
January 2006
Primary view of Conceptual Design of a 300-Mwe Paste-Fueled Fast Breeder Power Reactor
Blessing, W. G.; Bowers, S. D.; Hennig, R. J.; Huebotter, P. R.; Jens, W. H.; Kovacic, E. C. et al.
October 1961
Primary view of UNT Libraries Assistive Technology Report 2021
Roy, Meranda M.
October 2021
Primary view of Coal Reserves of the Boltsfork Quadrangle, Kentucky: A Coal Recoverability Study
Rohrbacher, Timothy J.; Teeters, Dale D.; Sullivan, Gerald L. & Osmonson, Lee M.
Primary view of The Library of the Future, How the heart of campus is transforming
Carlson, Scott
February 2022
Primary view of Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election [Redacted Version]
Mueller, Robert S., III, 1944-
March 2019
Primary view of In-Situ Amelioration of Acid Mine Drainage Problems: Final Report
Brown, Terry H.
May 1998
Primary view of Conditioning and Hydration Reactions Associated With Clean Coal Technology Ash Disposal/Hydration: Final Report
Bland, Alan E.
June 1998
Primary view of Miscible/Immiscible Gas Injection Processes: Final Report
Fahy, L. J.; Mones, C. G.; Johnson, L. A., Jr. & Carlson, F. M.
March 1998
Primary view of Evaluation of Alternate Free Radical Initiators for Heavy Oil/Plastics Co-Processing: Final Report
Guffey, F. D. & Barbour, F. A.
April 1998
Primary view of Development of a Portable Data Acquisition System. Part 1: Development of a Portable Data Acquisition System
Barbour, F. A.; Turner, T. F. & Carlson, F. M.
April 1998
Primary view of Haz-Flote: Ex-Situ Decontamination of Materials
Brown, Terry H. & Bland, Alan E.
April 1998
Primary view of The SYNAG Process: Coal Combustion Ash Management Option
Bland, Alan E.
June 1998
Primary view of Process Support and Development for Compcoal: Final Report
Merriam, Norman
March 1998
Primary view of COMPCOAL: A Profitable Process for Production of a Stable High-Btu Fuel From Powder River Basin Coal. Final Report
Merriam, Norman W. & Turner, T. F.
April 1998
Primary view of Development of an On-Line Alkali Monitoring Probe: Final Report
Sethi, Vijay
April 1998
Primary view of Bench-Scale Testing and Verification of Pyrolysis Concept for Remediation of Tank Bottoms: Final Report
Satchwell, Robert
April 1998
Primary view of Gadget Lending Project: Filling the Gap in Students' Equipment and Technology Needs
Keshmiripour, Setareh; Akers, Emily; Knox, Briana & Mount, Jonathan
Spring 2022
Primary view of Enriching Access through Partnership: Expanding Audio/Visual Equipment Holdings at the Music Library and The Spark
Wolski, Kristin; Fernandez, Sabino & Brubaker, Blaine
January 31, 2022
Primary view of Improving Subjects in the Digital Collections with Data
Tarver, Hannah; Miles, Chassidy & Zipperer, Rachael
January 2022
Primary view of Making Music Accessible in the UNT Digital Libraries
Hicks, William & Cleveland, Susannah, 1972-
September 21, 2021
Primary view of Trans Accessible Libraries Initiative (TALI)
Leuzinger, Julie & Condrey, Coby
December 20, 2021
Primary view of Aim for Accessibility: Creating Accessible LibGuides for Library Patrons
Roy, Meranda M.; Stayton, Jennifer & Ranjit, Utsav
Primary view of Increasing Music Accessibility for Patrons With Print Disabilities
Brubaker, Blaine; Wolski, Kristin & Fernandez, Sabino
January 31, 2022
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