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Primary view of Hydraulic and thermal properties of soil samples from the buried waste test facility
Cass, A.; Campbell, G.S. & Jones, T.L.
October 1, 1981
Primary view of Multiplicity Distributions in νμp Interactions
Derrick, M.; Gregory, P. & LoPinto, F.
January 1, 1981
Primary view of Brayton-Cycle Heat Recovery System Characterization Program. Glass-furnace facility test plan
unknown creator
August 29, 1980
Primary view of Dresden Unit 1: chemical cleaning. Progress report, first and second quarters 1979
unknown creator
June 29, 1979
Primary view of Technology assessment of geothermal energy resource development
unknown creator
April 15, 1975
Primary view of Mixing angles in SU(2)/sub L/ x U(1) gauge model
Nandi, S. & Tanaka, K.
January 1, 1979
Primary view of Projections of automobile, light truck, and bus stocks and sales, to the year 2000
Knorr, R. & Millar, M.
November 1, 1979
Primary view of Mild coal pretreatment to improve liquefaction reactivity
Miller, R. L.
Primary view of Computer simulation models relevant to ground water contamination from EOR or other fluids - state-of-the-art
Kayser, M.B. & Collins, A.G.
March 1, 1986
Primary view of The application of the symmetry properties of optical second harmonic generation to studies of interfaces and gases
Feller, M.B.
November 1, 1991
Primary view of Optical techniques for measurement of high temperatures
Veligdan, J.T.
October 25, 1991
Primary view of Physical-chemical NO/sub x/ mechanisms in fluidized bed combustion
Bywater, R. J.
November 3, 1980
Primary view of Nuclear Medicine Program progress report for quarter ending September 30, 1991
Knapp, F. F., Jr.; Ambrose, K. R.; Callahan, A. P.; McPherson, D. W.; Mirzadeh, S.; Srivastava, P. C. et al.
February 1, 1992
Primary view of Attorney General's Memorandum on Federal Marijuana Enforcement: Possible Impacts
Garvey, Todd & Yeh, Brian T.
January 10, 2018
Primary view of Policy Options to Increase Physician Training Education in Proper Opioid Prescribing
Heisler, Elayne J.
December 22, 2017
Primary view of Navy Ford (CVN-78) Class Aircraft Carrier Program: Background and Issues for Congress
O'Rourke, Ronald
November 28, 2017
Primary view of Changes to "Too Big to Fail" Treasury Recommends Revisions to Dodd-Frank SIFI Designation Process for Non-Banks (Part 2)
Sykes, Jay B.
December 1, 2017
Primary view of What Happens if the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Lapses
Horn, Diane P.
December 5, 2017
Primary view of What Happens if the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Lapses?
Horn, Diane P.
January 3, 2018
Primary view of Military Service Records, Awards, and Unit Histories: A Guide to Locating Sources
DeBruyne, Nese F. & Torreon, Barbara Salazar
January 2, 2018
Primary view of Congress Considers Reform to Queries of FISA Information as Reauthorization Deadline Approaches
Liu, Edward C.
January 8, 2018
Primary view of Budget Enforcement Procedures: The Senate Pay-As-You-Go (PayGO) Rule
Heniff, Bill, Jr.
January 9, 2018
Primary view of Public Sector Union Dues: Grappling with Fixed Stars and Stare Decisis (Part 2)
Killion, Victoria L.
December 4, 2017
Primary view of Libya: Transition and U.S. Policy
Blanchard, Christopher M.
January 8, 2018
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