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Primary view of 1-(4, 4'-Dinitrodiphenylmethyl)-Piperidines; 1-(4-Nitrobenzyl)-and 1-(4-Nitrobenzoyl)-Piperdines
Sammons, George D.
Primary view of Ability Grouping in Secondary English
Harris, Steva Whitehead
August 1952
Primary view of Absolute Beta Counting Using Thick Sources
Anderson, Miles E., 1926-
Primary view of Abstract Measure
Bridges, Robert Miller
Primary view of The Accompanied Solo Song of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
McCarty, Hurshelene Journey
August 1953
Primary view of Accounting for Self-Insurance--Theory and Practice
Saleh, John Thomas
August 1957
Primary view of The Adaptability and Present Status of Andropogon Ischaemum L. in Denton County, Texas
Belders, Floyd William
Primary view of Adapting a Reading Program to Individual Differences
Manning, Lucile
August 1954
Primary view of Addison's Literary Criticism as Found in The Spectator
Doughtie, Mary Eloise Wilson
Primary view of Addition Reactions of Some Aromatic Aldazines
O'Dell, Stewart
August 1954
Primary view of Adelardo Lopez De Ayala's Position in the Drama of the Nineteenth Century
Whaley, Joy
Primary view of The Adequacy of Financial Support Received by the Small High-School Bands in Texas
Settle, James Bristol
Primary view of The Adequacy of the School Transportation Systems of Montague County, Texas
Allen, Bill N.
Primary view of Administering the Use of Instructional Space in Texas State-Supported Colleges and Universities
Craig, Robert E.
August 1957
Primary view of The Adsorption of Radioactive Isotopes on Precipitates
Bulloch, Newman Payne
January 1954
Primary view of The Adsorption of Radioactive Isotopes on Specific Precipitates
Yarbrough, Kenneth N.
August 1954
Primary view of The Advancement of the Negro within Business and Professional Enterprise in Texas Since 1900
Knowles, Pattie R. Covington
August 1951
Primary view of Advantages of Marginal Costing as Compared to the Hour Rate or Normal Costing Now Used as the Basis of Price Determination in the Forms Division
Evans, Wayne W.
May 1955
Primary view of Adventure and Political Reform in Winston Churchill Before 1913
Casey, Mary V.
Primary view of Age, Growth, and Food Habits of the Largemouthed Black Bass (Micropterus Salmoides) and the Spotted Bass (Micropterus Puctulatus SSP) in North and East Texas Lakes
Cooper, William A.
Primary view of Albert Gallatin: His Position in American Legislation and Diplomacy
Seabrook, John Cotton
Primary view of Alpha-Decay Studies in the Heavy Element Region
Hummel, John Philip
July 3, 1956
Primary view of Alpha-Decay Studies in the Heavy-Element Region
Hummel, J. P.
July 1, 1956
Primary view of Altered Leukemogenic Activity by Thyrotropic Treatment of Leukemic Mouse Thymus in Vitro
Rains, Robert Milton
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