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Understanding Affluence through the Lens of Technology: An Ethnographic Study toward Building an Anthropology Practice in Advertising

Description: This thesis describes a pilot study for a new cultural anthropology initiative at Team One, a US-based premium and luxury brand advertising agency. In this study, I explore the role and meaning of technology among a population of affluent individuals in Southern California through diaries and ethnographic interviews conducted in their homes. Using schema theory and design anthropology to inform my theoretical approach, I discuss socioeconomic and cultural factors that shape these participants' notions of affluence and influence their presentation of self through an examination of their technology and proudest possessions. I put forward a theory of conspicuous achievement as a way to describe how the affluent use technology to espouse a merit-based model of affluence. Through this model of affluence, participants strive to align themselves to the virtuous middle-class while ascribing moral value to their consumption practices. Lastly, I provide a typology of meaningful technology artifacts in the affluent home that describes the roles of their most used tech devices and how each type supports conspicuous achievement.
Date: December 2017
Creator: Garcia, Steven R.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Activities of Disaster Relief Organizations During the Permanent Housing Phase of Recovery: a Case Study Analysis

Description: This study investigates the recovery efforts provided for low income and ethnic minority populations by organizations during the permanent housing phase of recovery in Watsonville, California, following the Loma Prieta earthquake of October 17, 1989. The case study format is used to discover what activities were performed and why each organization chose to perform them. Dynes and Quarantelli's (1968) typology of organization is used to explain how and why established, expanding, extending and emergent organizations participated in the recovery efforts. The findings indicate that the type of organization dictated the kind of tasks each organization performed. Organizations maintained activities during recovery for which they had experience, expertise and proficiency.
Date: August 1992
Creator: Ephraim, Melinda M. H.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Vivarium Program: An Ethnographic Video Documentary Exploring the Role of the Visual Anthropologist and the Subject at the Open School in Los Angeles

Description: This is a reflexive documentary on the Open School in Los Angeles, an elementary school which is a field research site for Apple Computer, Inc. This videotape explores filmmaker/subject relationships, media perception by children, and issues of representation. An accompanying production book describes the grantwriting process, the pre-production, production, and post-production stages, as well as theoretical implications of the documentary.
Date: August 1992
Creator: Levin, Carolyn Melinda
Partner: UNT Libraries

Drumming Behavior of Selected North American Stoneflies (Plecoptera)

Description: Drumming is first described for five North American stonefly species, Acroneuria evoluta, Doroneuria baumanni, Isoperla namata, Chernokrilus misnomus, and Pictetiella expansa. Signals of Acroneuria lycorias, Phasganophora capitata and Isoperla signata are further described. Drumming was not recorded from Amhinemura delosa. Signals of A. evoluta are the most complex yet recorded in Plecoptera. Doroneuria baumanni, P. expanse, C. misnomus and P. capitata have 2-way exchanges. Male D. baumanni produce two prolonged beats by rubbing the hammer on the substratum; male-female signals are non-overlapping in the first two species and overlapping in the latter two. Female P. capitata answered with an unusually long sequence of beats. Two male Isoperla species produced monophasic calls without female answers. Female A. lycorias answered taped male signals with monophasic signals like all observed females.
Date: December 1983
Creator: Maketon, Monchan
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A Content Analysis of Superbowl XVI

Description: The purpose of this research was to describe the content of information surrounding a significant sporting event presented by sportswriters through the printed medium. The event chosen for analysis was Superbowl XVI. Three metropolitan newspapers were selected as the sample representatives of the urban style of sports reporting. Two of these newspapers were chosen because of their geographical representation of a participating team. The third selection was taken because of its large circulation and relative unbiased reporting. From a pilot study conducted on Superbowl XV, content categories were found to fit in either one of two basic domains: cognitive or affective. The sample population for Superbowl XVI yielded 5,759 individual category entries based on 215 articles. The cognitive category comprised 94 percent of all items categorized, thus clearly demonstrating the dominant theme used by sportswriters for this event.
Date: August 1982
Creator: Kuykendall, Francis Marion
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Toulmin Analysis of Miller v. California

Description: This study deals with the Supreme Court decision in the case of Miller v. California, 413 U.S. 15 (1973). The study analyzes the arguments presented in the decision by both the majority and the dissenting justices according to the Toulmin model. This study begins with a review of viewpoints on the First Amendment, and how they will be applied to the question addressed in the thesis. The history of the obscenity controversy is detailed to explain the viewpoints that the Supreme Court has taken dealing with this problem. This study concluded that the arguments presented by the majority were not supported by ample evidence. The arguments presented by Justice Douglas in the dissent were more justified. This study concludes that more study needs to be conducted in the area of obscenity; and that the material should not be suppressed.
Date: August 1987
Creator: DeLoach, Mark B. (Mark Benson)
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Revision of the Logical Reasoning Subtest of the California Test of Mental Maturity

Description: The purpose of the study was to develop a revision of the logical reasoning section of the California Test of Mental Maturity which increases its discriminative ability while maintaining an acceptable measure of reliability. Subjects were 102 students of general psychology classes at North Texas State University. All were administered the Logical Reasoning section of the California Test of Mental Maturity in its original form and an experimental revision of it (LRTR). The Wesman Personnel Classification Test was administered at the same time to demonstrate the tests' construct validity. Pearson product-moment correlations, item and homogeneity analyses were run. Results indicated that the revised test correlated significantly with the original test and the WPCT. Internal validity of the revised test was satisfactory, showing an improvement over the original test in terms of clarity, reliability and homogeneity.
Date: December 1986
Creator: Ryan, Patrice M. (Patrice Marie)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Neotectonics of the southern Amargosa Desert, Nye County, Nevada and Inyo County, California

Description: A complex pattern of active faults occurs in the southern Amargosa Desert, southern Nye, County, Nevada. These faults can be grouped into three main fault systems: (1) a NE-striking zone of faults that forms the southwest extension of the left-lateral Rock Valley fault zone, in the much larger Spotted Range-Mine Mountain structural zone, (2) a N-striking fault zone coinciding with a NNW-trending alignment of springs that is either a northward continuation of a fault along the west side of the Resting Spring Range or a N-striking branch fault of the Pahrump fault system, and (3) a NW-striking fault zone which is parallel to the Pahrump fault system, but is offset approximately 5 km with a left step in southern Ash Meadows. These three fault zones suggest extension is occurring in an E-W direction, which is compatible with the {approximately}N10W structural grain prevalent in the Death Valley extensional region to the west.
Date: May 1, 1991
Creator: Donovan, D.E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Experiences of Latinos with Diabetes in the Central San Joaquin Valley

Description: Embarking on a quest to uncover the shared experiences of Latinos with diabetes in the Central San Joaquin Valley is the principal issue discussed in this body of work. Diabetes is estimated to become a serious public health problem, with a current estimate of more than 30 million already afflicted. Engaging in participant-observation at a local clinic serving patients in a Diabetes Education Program and semi-structured interviews with Latinos attending the program, this research explores cultural experiences of diabetes. The primary aim of this research is to answer how health education information is accepted and interpreted based on cultural definitions of diabetes to inform diabetes management strategies.
Date: May 2018
Creator: Cortez, Jacqueline Nicole
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Inquiry into the Factors Affecting the Outcome of the 1948 Presidential Election with the Situations in the States of Illinois, Ohio, and California Subject to Special Emphasis

Description: This thesis examines the factors affecting the outcome of the 1948 presidential election. The factors which will be take up are not a complete list of all those influences on the election but will be those which appeared most frequently in writings on the subject and those which, in the writer's opinion, exerted the strongest influence. By combining specific studies of the tree large pivotal states, with the investigation of general factors affecting the election, it is believed that certain rather definite conclusions can be drawn concerning what happened in the country as a whole.
Date: August 1950
Creator: Raupe, Buell C.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of the Objectives and Suggested or Illustrative Methods and Materials on the Subject of Reading in the Elementary Schools as Found in Seven State Courses of Study

Description: The problem of this study was to analyze the objectives and methods for teaching reading in the elementary grades as they appeared in the latest available courses of study in certain states for the purpose of determining their uniformity or lack of uniformity. An effort was made to compile data on teaching reading in order to determine certain modern trends as supplementary material for the writer's teaching aids.
Date: 1942
Creator: Bradley, Grace
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A Critical Medical Anthropology Approach to Advocating for Social Justice and Policy Change in Pesticide Use and Practice to Reduce Health Risks Among Hispanic/Latinos in Central California

Description: This mixed methods research was conducted in the fall of 2014 to understand the perceptions and experiences of health risks and health outcomes due to pesticide exposure among community members (n=13) - concerned community members, agriculture workers and teachers- that live in the Central California agriculture counties of Monterey, Santa Cruz, Tulare, Fresno and Madera. This research explored: 1) The crops growing in participants’ communities, and how exposure to pesticides used in these crops pose potential health risks to participants and their communities 2) How pesticide exposure is impacting Hispanic/Latino communities in Central California, particularly those that are most vulnerable including school children, agriculture workers, and community members 3) The major public health concerns of impacted communities 4) Feelings of empowered to advocate for community health and environment and 5) What impacted communities wish to see on behalf of government and agribusiness to protect public health from pesticide exposure and toxins.
Date: August 2015
Creator: Romero, Mariel Sintora
Partner: UNT Libraries

Tubas on the Rise: the Tuba As a Signifier of 21st Century Mexican-American Music Culture in Southern California

Description: Banda is a rural Mexican brass band genre from the state of Sinaloa that became popular among immigrant populations of Los Angeles in the 1990s. In contemporary banda, the tuba has acquired a more prominent role than it held in traditional banda. The tuba has shifted from the traditional background harmonic and rhythmic function to a significant and new placement with the front line melodic instruments. The focus on tubas in modern incarnations of banda has helped it become a staple in acoustic and accordion genres such as sierreña and norteña. In many Mexican-American regional ensembles, the prominence of the tuba and its placement within the group represents a shift in its cultural significance, a stronger connection to the Mexican history and cultural roots, in the Mexican-American music community of southern California. This paper uncovers some of the motives and significance behind these recent changes in the role of the tuba in Mexican-American regional genres as well as the cultural connection that the tuba provides for Mexican-Americans in southern California to traditional Mexican music culture.
Date: August 2015
Creator: Orth, Jesse
Partner: UNT Libraries

Raising Boys: The Process, the Struggle, the Documentary

Description: Thesis written by a student in the UNT Honors College discussing violence among black youth in the San Francisco Bay area, the author's relation to these events, and her quest to create a documentary concerning the difficulties of raising children in America today.
Date: Autumn 2005
Creator: Blackwell, Nicole
Partner: UNT Honors College

"Fighting Bob" Shuler and KGEF: The Silencing of a Radio Crusader

Description: This study recounts the events surrounding the Federal Radio Commision's (FRC) 1931 decision to remove radio station KGEF. Robert Shuler, minister of Los Angeles' Trinity Methodist Church, South, used KGEF to attack city officials and organizations whom he felt were corrupt. Chapters explore Shuler's background and acquisition of KGEF, his use of KGEF, and FRC and Court hearings and appeals. The study concludes that the action against Shuler, resulting in deletion of KGEF, may have resulted from political pressures. In spite of the "landmark" status of the Shuler case, his First Amendment rights may have been violated.
Date: August 1975
Creator: Orbison, Charles Edward
Partner: UNT Libraries

Understanding the Culture of Giving among Utility Fuel Fund Donors in Southern California

Description: The Energy Assistance Fund (EAF) is a voluntary, nonprofit fuel fund that provides grants to income qualified utility customers in an effort to help those customers avoid electricity service disconnection. The administering utility and the energy industry as a whole is undergoing transformative change, resulting in a projected decrease of fundraising capacity for EAF among its most substantial donor pool - utility shareholders and employees. Utility customers represent a small percentage of EAF donors, despite the significant size of the customer base. Through a series of ethnographic interviews and secondary research, this thesis seeks to understand the demographics and motivations of utility customers who donate to EAF in order to help improve EAF’s fundraising strategy and donor solicitations to eventually grow customer donations. The goal of EAF is to maintain or grow donations from 2014 levels so the Fund can continue to serve income qualified customers facing energy poverty. This thesis provides a contextual review of fuel funds; challenges faced by the energy and utility industry; the politics and culture of energy; as well as nonprofit sector fundraising challenges and cultures/motivations of giving. This thesis includes client deliverables such as thick description of donor motivation, motivation themes and a donor motivation map, demographic data which could be used to target solicitations, and lastly a series of recommendations for EAF to improve its fundraising strategy.
Date: May 2016
Creator: Sauer, Ashley
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Description, Analysis and Evaluation of Three Approaches to the Teaching of Reading

Description: The problem is to describe, analyze, and evaluate three approaches to the teaching of reading in grades one through six in selected school districts in a California county. The three approaches are 1) the Basic Reading Approach, 2) the Individualized Reading Approach, and 3) the Language Experience Approach to reading.
Date: August 1963
Creator: Lane, Kenneth Boyd, 1923-
Partner: UNT Libraries

Relationships between Patient Motivation for Physical Rehabilitiation and Subscales on the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule

Description: This study was concerned with the relationship between patient motivation for treatment in three of the various therapy sections of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service of the Veterans Administration General Medical and Surgical Hospital, Long Beach, California, and needs as measured by the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule. Of the six therapies under the direction of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service consideration was given to the following: Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), and Corrective Therapy (CT)
Date: August 1963
Creator: Gilbert, Algie Stephen, 1925-
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effects of Two Approaches to Reading Instruction upon the Oral Language Development of First Grade Pupils

Description: The problem of this study was to compare the relative gains made in the development of oral language skills in two groups of first grade pupils when two different approaches to beginning reading instruction were used. The two approaches were: (a) the language experience approach, Approach A, and (b) the traditional basal reader approach, Approach B. The six aspects of oral language development considered were: extent of verbalization, spoken vocabulary, expressions of tentativeness, use of structural patterns, colorful and vivid expressions, and use of mazes.
Date: January 1966
Creator: Giles, Douglas Elbert, 1932-
Partner: UNT Libraries

The history of horn playing in Los Angeles from 1920 to 1970: a lecture recital, together with three recitals of selected works for horn by M. Haydn, Franz, Britten, Mozart, Koetsier, Hindemith, Herzogenberg, Rossini, Stevens and others

Description: The History of Horn Playing in Los Angeles from 1920 to 1970 begins with the horn players who played in the silent film orchestras and the Alfred Brain's tenure with the Los Angeles Philharmonc. This study details the introduction of sound tracks, the early studio orchestras, the contact studio orchestras, the musician union's role in structuring the work environment, the horn players who played in both the Los Angeles Philharmonicand the studios, major figures from the subsequent freelance perios such as Vincent de Rosa, and the local and international influence of the Los Angeles Horn Club.
Date: May 1999
Creator: Hilliard, Howard (Howard Louis)
Partner: UNT Libraries